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The jobs help you to travel around the world

Traveling around the world and earning money while traveling is the dream of many of us. However, why we have to dream of it while we can make it come true by doing the jobs below, which can help us both have a job with pretty cool income and satisfy our traveling passion.

1. Photographer


Finding a camera to be your traveling partner, why not?

Photographers are always more likely to travel and at the same time, this is one of the jobs that you can make money from your own traveling passion.

All you need to become a photographer is a camera which can help you create as many beautiful photos as possible and the important thing is that you have to know how to sell your gorgeous photos for magazines or tourist websites.

2. Archaeologist


Archaeology is a very interesting job for those who like to discover

Similarly to photographers, archeologists have the opportunity to travel to many places around the world to excavate or study the ancient monuments. This work will be pretty perfect for those who have love with history, culture or have the passion for exploring, and of course, traveling.

3. Flight attendant


Flight attendant is now one of the most desirable jobs of the young

The flight attendant may be a pretty hard job with the frequent change in time-zones and climates, but no one can deny that this is one of the desirable jobs for people who love traveling.

Who doesn’t like to have a job that can give them a chance to have a free flight to another country or another land, to shop in the famous brands while having a quite high income in comparison to other jobs?

4. Tour guide


Being a tour guide will help you have chance to come to many places

Even though being a tour guide won’t give you as much money as a flight attendant, but you still can travel for free and even being paid for that job. Therefore, becoming a tour guide, why not? In addition, this is also a job that will give you a chance to experience the real culture and history of the locality when traveling.

5. Staff on cruise ships


Staff on cruise ships is also a pretty cool job for the traveling lovers

If you want to travel, of course, you should find a job related to tourism such as work on cruise ships such as captains, sailors, chefs,… When working on cruise ships, you will have the opportunity to visit many beautiful harbors around the world. However, this is not an easy job to do, especially for people who are seasick.

6. Actor/Actress


This is also a favorite job of many young people

Whether you are a famous celebrity or simply a supporting actor, each time you participate in different films you will have the opportunity to move to different places. And you can take advantage of the leisure time to visit the surrounding area.

7. Journalist or reporter


When being a reporter, especially in tourism, you can come to many places

Writing is your passion, well, then becoming a journalist or reporter will be the ticket for you to travel to many destinations around the world. If you are a journalist or reporter, you will have the opportunity to participate in many events such as sports, film festivals, concerts,… and of course, besides getting free trips, you can also meet a lot of celebrity.

8. Diplomat


Being a diplomat will give you a lot of life experience

There are a variety of jobs that can satisfy your travel preferences and become a diplomat is one such job. However, to become a diplomat you will have to do extremely rigorous tests. In return, you can travel all over the world and meet, contact with foreigners.

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