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The business centers in Vietnam

The business centers in Vietnam

Big cities: Ho Chi Minh (locates in the South), Hanoi (locates in red river delta in the North), Danang (Central of Vietnam), Haiphong (in the North, habour city, third largest city of Vietnam after Ha Noi)

Peoples: 54 different ethnic groups. The major are: 85% ethnic Vietnamese, 3% ethnic Chinese, also Khmers, Chams (a remnant of the once-great Indianised Champa Kingdom) and other ethno linguistic groups (also known as Montagnards, ‘highlanders’ by French) click here to read more the 54 minority groups in Vietnam

Language: Vietnamese is the national language, French, Chinese, English are spoken in hotels. Variety of Mon-Khmer and Malayo-Polynesian local dialects

Religion: Buddhism is the principal religion but there are also sizeable Taoist, Confucian (was a political philosophy), Hoa Hao, Caodaists, Muslim, Protestant, and Christian minorities. However, Vietnamese religion is mainly mixed up with local believe, worship ancestors, Taoism, animism,

We hope for a peace country of Vietnam. The beautiful country with great smile on the faces of Vietnamese wherever you meet, they are very friendly people and really warm welcome every one to their country.

Try to buy directly from a craftsman rather than from a middleman.

The agreement on the protection of endangered species (CITES) bans trade in hides and skins, ivory, tortoiseshell, coral, shells, and also the importing of live exotic animals. Let’s refrain from buying shells, butterflies, skin bags, ivory, turtles and other wild animals, alive or dead…

We should not buy up the traditional cultural heritage: Jewell (unless specifically made for tourists), sacred objects … that people will sell with little hesitation faced with the kind of money on offer.

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