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The Blind Man’s Stories In Braille

The Blind Man’s Stories In Braille

  1. A strong-willed Blind Woman Teacher

It was over one fourth of a century since the last war, but Nguyen Thi Thuy’s memory of the terrible day pouring fatal calamities to her family. It was a May day in 1973, when her family were gathering in happiness when an artillery shell came up exploring in her house, killing her father and her two younger brothers right on the spot, wounding her younger sister and robbing her sight when she was only 15 years old, a beautiful age full of dreams and hopes for the future! She had to live a quiet life in poor sandy Binh Giang Commune, with her old mother and her youngest sibling who luckily escaped the disastrous day. She had to live in a temporary house helping her old mother and taking care of her youngest sibling, raising pigs and chicken for more income for her poor family. When The Thang Binh District Blind association was founded, she joined the Association to study Braille and career. Being intelligent and studious by nature, she had quickly grasped special knowledge and programs of ability rehabitation for blind people. She has been trained on methods of teaching Braille for bind people.

By their own effort and support from a humanitarian organization, The Thang Binh District Blind Association has been able to open many courses on Braille for blind people. Hundreds of blind people have attended the Braille courses. Ms Thuy’s contribution has been greatly meaningful in helping the blind people to erase the normal inferior complex. Besides teaching Braille, Ms Thuy has also participated in labor sessions in The District Blind Association, making brushes, brooms, tooth picks etc. to improve a stable income for her family. Thuy is grateful to The Blind Association and kind-hearted donors for their kind concern, practical and effective support to enable her and many poor blind people in Thang Binh to firmly intergrate in the community life.

  1. Her happiness…

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lap lives in Linh Sang hamlet, Binh Phu commune, Thang Binh District (Quang Nam Province, Vietnam). She was born, has grown up and get married like any normal women. Her and her husband’s first child brought her the bright happiness of being a mother and a wife. Her family was filled with happiness. But her happy days didn’t last long when her eyes became dimmer and dimmer and totally lost the sight. She had gone to many places for treatment, all her money left but the blindness stayed! Then her ungrateful husband went away leaving her behind with a young child! She has to live in darkness under a tottering thatched hut, suffering hunger and poverty. Thanks to her neighbors’ kind help that Lap can drag her days on.

Nguyen Thi Lap has participated in Thang Binh District Blind Association. She joined courses on Braille. She was given a credit loan to improve her family’s economic situation. Especially, she has received special support to upgrade her torn house, raise animals and send her child to school with necessary things as a bicycle, books, notebooks and clothes. Her child is now in grade 12. She is very happy as her child can go to school in her such difficult situation. It is the precious help of the Blind Association and kind donors that makes her able to overcome difficulties. She wished that there will be more golden hearts and precious concern so those who suffer unlucky plights like her can find the happiness to “see” their children go to school and grow up with the society.

  1. Hard-working blind man

When Peace was restored, Mr. Phan Van Ram and his family came back to Binh Lanh Commune of Thang Binh District to reclaim land and bring back the greenness for their homeland. Unluckily, an artillery shell left over from the war had blown up and robbed away Ram’s eyes when he was 25, an age full of life force. Since then he lived in darkness and many a times he thought of death to end his plight. But luckily, he met a kind woman offering him her heart and care. Then they lived a married life with faithful love. Then their son and daughter were born. Their life became more difficult as Mr. Ram is blind, his wife is regularly sick and their two children are still young. Hunger and poverty has haunted their unstable house. Not surrender the fate, Mr. Ram has joined The Thang Binh District Blind Association. He attended Braille courses, learn occupation. He has chosen one career suitable to him and his family’s condition. That is weaving bamboo material into products as baskets and other things. He works at home with help from his wife and children. His baskets of all kinds have been brought to many places conquer more customers. Therefore his family’s income has become more stable. Besides, through the Blind Association, Mr. Ram has received precious assistance from kind donors: materials to upgrade their house, a cow to raise for more income and things for their children to go to school. Mr. Pham Van Ram is always grateful to the donors and The District Blind Association for their kind help. He and his family are making best effort to step by step fall in line with the community life.

First response to the call


Not long after the stories about blind people were sent to our site, we were happy to receive kind responses from Susan Ao and … her tour guide (member of our Vietnam Tour Guide Association). They came to see the Blind Association, talk to the author, the characters of the stories and other blinds. To help improve working condition for the blind, Susan gave them a kind gift in cash. Her tour guide gave them all the salary she earned from the last three days with Susan as she feel herself is much luckier than them to have good sight and more opportunities.


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