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The amazingly scenic spots on Bat Xat Street (part 2)

In order to continue the list of wonderful scenic spots on Bat Xat street that we paused in Part 1, in this part, let’s find out the other​ interesting destinations that you can admire and discover on this fancy street which is full of surprise and impression.

5. Ngai Thau

This is a commune located near the northern border of Bat Xat district. Like many other upland communes, this place is often covered by dense fog. This is indeed a perfect place for discovery lovers.

The-amazingly-scenic-spots-on-Bat-Xat-Street-(part 2)1

Ngai Thau

Just ride a motorbike through the winding roads, just watch the scenery, just stop and take pictures or climb and explore nature throughout the journey is absolutely unforgettable. Because of its height, this place is really a “cloud hunting” destination worth trying.

6. Bach Moc Luong Tu

Bach Moc Luong Tu is the “natural landmark” delimiting the boundaries of Lao Cai – Lai Chau province, and also the highest peak in Bach Moc Luong Tu range. This mount is 3,045 m high, and listed in the top 5 highest mountains in Vietnam.

You may feel exhausted right at the time you see the challenging mountainous terrain that you have to conquer to get to the peak of this mountain, but once trying experience on this path, you won’t feel exhausted anymore, you may even feel excited about it.

The-amazingly-scenic-spots-on-Bat-Xat-Street-(part 2)2

The landscape of Bach Moc Luong Tu

On the way to the top of the mountain there will be many beautiful check-in places, diverse and unique organisms,… for you to satisfy your discovering passion.

The feeling of standing on the peak of the mountain together, watching the “climbing success” is really great. You will see the high mountains, blue sky, sunshine, clouds covering everything below,…

The-amazingly-scenic-spots-on-Bat-Xat-Street-(part 2)3

This is a great place for you to hang out with friends

A trip to this place can be suitable for any kind of object that you’re gonna go with. If you go with your lover, then there will be an endless list of romantic things that you two can make together here, such as watching the sunrise in the early morning, light a fire and sit side by side, share the stories with each other,… If you go with your friends, games that you all can play together are unlimited, such as telling ghost stories, lighting camp-fire,… Sounds so much fun, right!

Once up to the top of the mountain, perhaps no one would think of anything else. They seem to be swept away, sucked, sunk into this ambitious, majestic, and glamorous space.

7. Nhiu Co San

Climbing mountain is hard, climbing mountain with complicated terrain is harder, and climbing in the cold monsoon season, when Nhiu Co San immerses itself in frost is the most challenging thing ever.

The-amazingly-scenic-spots-on-Bat-Xat-Street-(part 2)4

Nhiu Co San, a breath-taking landscape of Vietnamese mountainous area

Cold weather, dense fog, high humidity, low temperature are things that are not pleasant at all. But once you have come here, you have to challenge yourself, once stepped and self-conquered this mountain – which is known as one of the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam.

Fatigue, strenuous and dangerous, but what can be better than the feeling of crossing the limit of ourselves, the feeling of winner when stepping up to the top of the mountain, watching the floating clouds, and enjoy the magnificent scenery of everything below,…


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