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The amazingly scenic spots on Bat Xat Street (part 1)

Milestone 92, terraced rice fields, Lao Chai, Y Ty park,… have long been great destinations and can not miss in journey on Bat Xat street (Lao Cai).

1. Milestone 92 – Lung Lo

Located in the province of Lao Cai, marking the border between Vietnam and China, marking the origin of the Red River, milestone 92 is a place that anyone who comes to Lung Lo want to visit once.

The-amazingly-scenic-spots-on-Bat-Xat-Street-(part 1)1

Milestone 92

It is said that the landmarks were set up to delimitate boundary between two countries, Vietnam and China. But coming here, you won’t see or feel any restriction, all is just a picture of nature with large, wide space slowly opening right in front of your eyes, a vast and imposing scenery that you can never​ forget.

2. Terraced rice fields

The terraced rice fields here are large, covering a vast area, extending through both Y Ty and Ngai Thau communes. Coming to see how good and skillful ethnic people are at cultivation. Sloping hills with rough surfaces now turn into fertile terraced fields, with a unique and eye-catching shape, sometimes it looks fresh green like being full of vitality, sometimes looks​ like a golden silk shining up all the area.

The-amazingly-scenic-spots-on-Bat-Xat-Street-(part 1)2

Terraced rice fields, a specialty here

Come here in the rice harvesting season in September, October, no one will be able to take their eyes off the shining golden fields, off the image of H’Mong and Ha Nhi people working​ on the terraced rice fields without worrying about the hot sunshine.

3. Lao Chai

Coming to Lao Chai and you will be able to witness the unique culture of Ha Nhi ethnic minority people. They live infirm clay houses, in villages​that are close to each other.

Their clothes are colorful and carefully embroidered by the skillful hands of the Ha Nhi women. They have unique traditional festive days that are based on their own calendar.

The-amazingly-scenic-spots-on-Bat-Xat-Street-(part 1)3

The poetic Lao Chai

Unlike the noisy city out there, Lao Chai brings us a true feeling of life in villages, such a simple and friendly life.

4. Y Ty Park

Just a piece of vacant land at the end of the road that leads to Choan Then village, but the Y Ty park is very beautiful and even has a lot of interesting things waiting for travelers to discover.

This is a fascinating point to contemplate the clouds, where the motorcyclists rest after a long journey, where we can have the impressive selfie images with beautiful views.

The-amazingly-scenic-spots-on-Bat-Xat-Street-(part 1)4

Y Ty Park, a treasure of highland in Vietnam

This place is even more meaningful to be considered as the destination to chat, meet and make friends of many Ha Nhi children.

The children have no playground, no pets, no toys. That’s why this is the paradise for them, a place where they can gather and play with each other, simple but cozy as the soul, as the lifestyle of children and Ha Nhi people.

If you still just can’t get enough with the destinations above, then let’s follow me to the NEXT part of this subject!


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