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Ta Prohm Temple – The temple of the giant tree roots

Ta Prohm Temple – the temple of the giant tree roots is also one of the places where I was most impressed on my last trip to Cambodia.


Ta Prohm temple, kingdom of giant tree roots

I came to Ta Prohm on my Cambodia tour in June. For the first time I learned about Ta Prohm’s huge roots: through the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001, but it was not until we came here to see the roots. This weird thing has really make me feel the greatness of nature.

1. Place where nature dominates

Coming to Ta Prohm is like bringing people to another world, a world in which nature is completely dominates. If Angkor Wat is a symbolfor the power and talent of the ancient Khmer, Ta Prohm makes people think of the eternal power of nature.

Ta Prohm is a desolate, ruinous shrine but has a great attractiveness, with the presence of huge tree roots crawling like huge python. Here, the roots of trees have gone through the structure of the rock for nearly a thousand years, creating an incredible combination of nature and architecture.


Devastated architecture, a very own attractiveness of Ta Prohm

There is a very special truth that many people do not know. It is that these roots do not grow from the ground but from the sky. The tour guide told the group that the birds had brought those seeds here and dropped it. These seeds meet the favorable environment and then grow into giant trees.

Ta Prohm Temple is located in the east of Angkor Thom built by King Jayavarman VII in 1186. The temple has so far been ruined, but the ruins of architecture, moss and the roots of the tree seem to add up in the enchanting atmosphere and magical beauty for the space of the temple. All make you feel like an explorer in the jungle.

2. Find your way to Ta Prohm

The best time to experience all the beauty of Ta Prohm is usually in the early morning when there are only a few visitors. There are many street vendors serving food and beverages for visitors to choose.


Food stalls everywhere on the street

Ta Prohm Temple is located in Angkor, Angkor Thom. From the center of Siem Reap, there are two main roads, Sivatha Boulevard and Pokambor Road, followed by Tusamuth. Getting to Charles de Gaulle, it will be possible to reach the end of Angkor Wat. To go to Ta Prohm you can rent a bicycle, motorbike or tuk tuk if you do not know the way.


Travel in this place by tuk tuk

Tickets to the Angkor area in 2017 are quite high: one day is $ 37, three days is $ 62 and seven days is $ 72. Unless you are so fascinated with temples, it is only advisable to visit for one to three days, which is more than enough to make the most of the temples.

If the weather is nice then one day you can visit four to six temples a day. So avoid Angkor when the sun is hot or rainy season.


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