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Specialties of the land of Hung Kings – Phu Tho

Mentioning about Phu Tho, the first things that come up to your mind may be the ancient temples honoring Hung Kings with lots of people come and pray each year, right? But you shouldn’t come to Phu Tho and ignore the specialties here, such as Doan Hung grapefruit, palm fruit, cassava vegetables,… and many other delicious dishes that are also very tasty to try at least once in life.

1. Doan Hung grapefruit


Doan Hung grapefruit

In Doan Hung district, pomelos of Chi Dam commune and Bang Luan commune are the best. Just try the grapefruit here once and you’ll absolutely fall for its sweet flavor that not many kinds of grapefruits in Vietnam can have. Every single piece of Doan Hung grapefruit will make you feel like having a sweet and fragrant flavor exposing in your mouth.

2. Sour meat


Sour meat

Sour meat is a specialty of Muong people in Thanh Son district, Phu Tho province. The most suitable meat used to make this dish is the meat of Muong pigs, which are naturally raised by Muong people, these pigs all year round eat roots and forest fruits, therefore, their meat is very fragrant and clean. Anyone who once enjoys it will not forget its special flavor.

3. Rice ball wrapped in palm leaves


Rice ball wrapped in palm leaves

Phu Ninh is a countryside area which is famous for palm trees. Beside palm-leaf conical hat, palm blind, there is also another specialty, it is rice balls wrapped in palm leaves. To make this dish, the palm leaves used must be the young palm leaves. The rice after being cooked will be rolled up, then put on the palm leaves, wrapped up, and rolled once again to make it tight. This kind of rice will be awesome when being eaten with sesame oil, sesame salt or roasted pork ribs.

4. Cassava vegetables


Cassava vegetables

People are used to eating cassava roots but few people ever enjoy the cassava vegetables. Young cassava leaves after being soaked in water to reduce the resin will be crushed, mixed with some salt and put into a jar for 4-5 days. Salted cassava will be perfect with other dishes, such as fried or cooked with fish. Especially the fish cooked with cassava is very delicious because the fish and cassava are soft but not broken, then the sweetness of fish added with a bit of the sour taste of cassava.

5. Palm silkworm


Palm silkworm

If the palm leaf is a gastronomic cuisine, then the palm silkworms with the flavor of the forest are also a very delicious dish when eating this dish, diners can feel the flavors of the forest, of soil. To make a good dish from the silkworm, the first item to have is the soil furnace containing the burning charcoal from the old palm tree, just looking at the color of flaming charcoal stove enough to evoke the temptation.

6. Fish cooked with fish sauce and Tram


Fish cooked with fish sauce and Tram

Fish cooked with fish sauce and Tram is a dish that has a very special taste of Phu Tho. Late May and lunar June are Tram harvesting season. Therefore, at that time, there will be a special dish that anyone here loves, that’s the fish cooked with the fish sauce and added a few Tram in to make the flavor more distinct.

7. Co om


Co om

Co om is the specialty that many visitors want to enjoy when coming to Phu Tho. Only with a pot of boiling water, put the palm fruits into the pot, simmer for 5 to 10 minutes and then pour into the basket until drained is able to eat. The most suitable palm fruit to cook this is dark brown which can give Co Om a unique flavor that you can’t find it anywhere else.

8. Rock moss


Rock moss

To make this dish, moss will be collected, cleaned and then mixed with sliced garlic, salt, onions,… and a little lard and then wrapped in several layers of papaya leaves. Moss will be heated until the papaya leaves burn, while meringue with garlic and spices creates a special taste.

9. Lam Thao stir-fried green banana


Lam Thao stir-fried green banana

In the past, the banana was a good food, only to be cooked in the occasion of the important events of Lam Thao, it is now a very familiar dish used in the daily meal of every family here. However, with Lam Thao from the past until now, stir-fried green banana is still an identity food that is very necessary for important days such as weddings,…

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