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Specialties around the world must be tried once in a lifetime

Gascony duck, St. Petersburg caviar, Hong Kong oyster soup, Malaysian durian,… are all the most appreciated culinary experiences in the world that any traveler shouldn’t ignore.

1. Chocolate, Guayas, Ecuador

Ecuador has long been a leading producer of cocoa, however, this country was ranked after West Africa in the twentieth century, due to the cheaper chocolate products were becoming popular at that time.

Chocolate-Guayas-Ecuador Tours

Chocolate, Guayas, Ecuador

Now, the top position has come back to Ecuador, because people once again fall for the favor of premium chocolate rather than cheap chocolate with just a huge amount of milk and sugar, and cocoa growers in Ecuador are busier than ever. Guayas has many household plantations, so you should come here in April or May – the harvesting seasons – to experience and enjoy the best chocolate in the world.

2. Duck, Gascony, France


Duck, Gascony, France

Gascony used to be a land of peace, with not so many tourists each year. But thanks to the wonderful cuisine, with traditional black sauce, chicken gizzard, goose liver and Armagnac,… which are so popular that in recent years the region has become a hot spot for travelers. Gascony’s most famous dish is the duck breast fried in fat from duck meat, with a long way of processing to create a crispy, tender and sweet duck skin.

3. Caviar, St. Petersburg, Russia


Caviar, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Caviar Bar at the Europe Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia is an ideal place to enjoy one of the premium kinds of caviar of the world, along with traditional dishes like pancakes, sour cream, and eggs.

4. Truffle Mushrooms, Alba, Italy

Although the truffle mushroom doesn’t have an attractive appearance, the special taste of Truffle can turn a tedious dish into a specialty. Alba’s white truffle mushrooms are a really expensive specialty grown in the damp jungle surrounding the town.


Truffle Mushrooms, Alba, Italy

The Truffle mushroom hunting season is very short, from October to November. And that adds to the value of this mushroom in the premium cuisine: a fungus weighing 0.9 kg is sold for $120,000 at the auction.

5. Nest soup, Hong Kong


Nest soup, Hong Kong

The nest is made from the saliva of Yen bird, hardened when exposed to air. However, when it’s boiled with chicken broth, the Chinese consider this as a valuable food with a high nutrition and has many great effects on people’s vitality and health.

6. Percebe, Galicia, Spain


Percebe, Galicia, Spain

This unique seafood is found in the harsh and remote parts of the Galician coast. People must take risks to remove them from the rocks. With the sweetness like lobster, Percebe is not cheap in price at all.

7. Coffee, West Colombia


Coffee, West Colombia

The second largest coffee producing country in the world (after Brazil) is Colombia, this country also offers tours to explore its coffee growing regions or coffee tasting tours for the coffee-holic. The “Coffee Triangle”, consisting of Quindío, Caldas, and Risaralda, have small farms scattered along the scenic, rugged landscape, therefore, when coming here, you’ll have many opportunities to enjoy a fine cup of black coffee.

8. Durian, Penang, Malaysia


Durian, Penang, Malaysia

Considered as a “king of fruits” of Southeast Asia, this fruit has a very distinctive odor which is so special that can make you want to run away right at the first time smelling. Durians are popular in many countries, but the best quality is in the Balik Pulao, an area of Penang, Malaysia

9. Quinto Quarto, Rome, Italy


Quinto Quarto, Rome, Italy

Testaccio district of Rome used to be one of the largest slaughterhouses in Europe. Here, the fine meat was brought to the elite class, and the other parts like head and tail – the main ingredients of Quinto quarto, were brought to the poorest regions of Rome. Ther people of this area became experts in transforming the excess meat into delicious dishes. Today, this dish is served at the most luxurious restaurants.

10. Puffer, Japan


Puffer, Japan

This is one of the most famous dishes of Japanese cuisine. This fish contains a toxic substance that is 1.250 times stronger than cyanide, requiring the skilled chef to process. Only trained chefs are allowed to make this kind of fish. Pufferfish is often used to make sashimi.

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