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Southeast Asia – Land of wonders

Southeast Asia is known by many visitors as a land of wonders. This land is not only surrounded by the sea but also offered a rich biodiversity with plenty of fauna and floral pieces.

If once coming to Southeast Asia, you’ll see the color of modernity with skyscrapers, malls or entertainment parks,… parallel with traditional culture, ancient monuments, with friendly and gentle lifestyle.


Southeast Asia is always a muse to travel lovers

Each Southeast Asian country also has its own specific color that whenever people think about that country, they think about that country’s specific color.

It can be sometimes the blue of the sea, the white of the sand, the yellow of the rice fields in the harvest season, but they are all warm colors which represent for the hospitability, the friendliness, the warm heart of Southeast Asian people.

1. Singapore with the modern green

Famous for the motto “Country in the green garden”, long time ago, Singapore has been bringing its trees to urban architecture. Stepping into this island nation, visitors will be overwhelmed by the cool, fresh green which appears everywhere in the country, from the bus to the terrace.


Singapore is considered to be one of the cleanest places in the world

The Singapore Government is particularly interested in the conservation of flora and fauna in the natural landscape. This has contributed to the creation of unique eco-resorts, such as the Singapore Zoo.

It can be said that Singapore is now an island nation which is extremely developed, and is one of the Asian Economic Dragons and is an ideal destination for travel lovers.

2. Thailand with spiritual yellow

As a Buddhist country, Thailand always brings a bit of Buddhism into their architecture and many ancient monuments carved elaborately, especially the Emerald Temple complex and the King’s Palace.


Emerald temple is one of the gorgeous temples in Thailand

Emerald Temple or also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. In this temple, there is a statue of Buddha carved by green turquoise on the steps decorated with many gold items. The stone walls here are entirely covered by the handmade paintings with two dominant colors: red and black.

According to history, on March 22, 1784, King Rama I brought the statue to Bangkok, he ordered 2 sets of clothes, one for summer and the other one for rain season with gold net for the Buddha statue, and until King Rama III dominates, he ordered for the Buddha statue a set of clothes for Winter.


Chiang Mai is also a paradise for the trekkers

Following over 800 km to the Northwest, visitors will find Chiang Mai, the capital of the Siam Kingdom which lasts for more than 700 years.

Chiang Mai consists of many temples built in the 1200s, Doi Suthep Mountain, Winter Royal Palace, and the magnificent temple from which you can enjoy the poetic landscape of the whole valley; waterfalls hidden in dense forests and villages of mountainous ethnic groups.

When coming to Chiang Mai, you can take part in excursions along the mountainside, with orchards ranging from apple to bamboo shoots.

3. Malaysia, the perfect combination of modernity and tradition

Malaysia attracts visitors with its special combination of modern beauty and ancient charm. Malaysia is divided into two areas, including Malaysia peninsula and Malaysia island.

The prosperous Malaysia Peninsula has Kuala Lumpur capital, beautiful beaches, and skyscrapers while Malaysia island has unspoiled natural beauty with green rubber fields and pristine beaches.


Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital and the most modern city in Malaysia, attracting a large number of tourists every year with its amusement, thriving commercial center,…

In addition, Kuala Lumpur is also famous for its Petronas Twin Towers, 403 meters high, one of the tallest towers in the world. Petronas allows people to visit free on weekdays except for Monday.


Putrajaya, the most modern and luxurious city of Malaysia

About 25km from Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is known as the most modern and luxurious city. So far, Putrajaya has become an administrative center of Federation of Malaysia.

In addition, the architecture of the city is reminiscent of the world of “Arabs” when mosques were designed in Islamic architecture with rounded roof dome and glittering stone.

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