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Some experience in identifying the roads in Singapore

Some experience in identifying the roads in Singapore

Since Singapore is relatively small in terms of physical size (driving from the West of the country to the East of the country takes only about 45mins!), getting around is relatively quick.

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  1. If you are driving, you will find several major expressways to links to most roads in Singapore. The two major expressways (no, we do not have freeways nor autobahn here, too small for those!) are Pan-Island Expressway (or what locals call ‘PIE’) and East-Coast Expressway (or ‘ECP’). Both the major expressways are linked to the Changi International Airport (east of the country).

Some experience in identifying the roads in Singapore 2

There are several other expressways, including Central Expressway (or ‘CTE’), Seletar Expressway (or ‘SLE’), Tampines Expressway (or ‘TPE’), Kranji Expressway (or ‘KJE’), Bukit Timah Expressway (or ‘BKE’) etc. etc.

Speed limits are clearly stated along the expressways (in fact on all roads). The maximum speed I have seen is 90kmH, but most expressways has 80kmH speed limit. Beware of speed cameras (which you will be clearly informed by the signs on the expressways) along the expressways, and speed cameras which are hidden (so behave yourself!!).

Oh yes, before I forget, we drive on the left side of the roads, and the driver seat is on the right, very unlike countries like USA and Taiwan.

Also, you would need some experience in identifying the roads that leads to another around Singapore, so driving by yourself around Singapore for first time visitors are not recommended. However, I must say it is quite hard to find yourself lost on Singapore roads as most are linked to the expressways and you will find yourself heading towards the expressways one way or another. So for the adventurous, you may want to try out the roads in Singapore. I must stress that those maps you obtained from Changi International Airport is not enough to navigate roads in Singapore, so please remember that!

Having said all that, it must be added that Singapore is quite amply served by the several public transport system. This includes Public Buses, Train (Mass Rapid Transit or MRT, and the recently added LRTs) and Taxis/Cabs.

Some experience in identifying the roads in Singapore 2

You can get around Singapore (and I mean ANY PART OF SINGAPORE) using one of the public transport system. Many locals use the train (MRT) to get to major spots in Singapore. Most important locations are well served (within walking distance, some right in the middle!) by the train (MRT).

For other locations which are not served directly by the train stations, you can easily alight from the train stations and take the public buses available. Please check with the train station officers on duty for more details on how to get to the places you wish to go.

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