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Singapore Way of Living

Singapore Way of Living

I have read many many misleading reports that Singapore is a place where you get capital punishment for minor offences (e.g., caning for littering!).

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Let me set the record straight, despite the fact that Singapore is a place where you get “punished” for what is considered “minor offences” in some countries, you do not get punished unfairly.

The Government of Singapore has this practice of punishing you where it hurts, if you litter, you get a fine. If fine does not help you change, you will be sent to pick up litters. Alright, Singaporeans are typically types which “wants-face” (self-pride?). But you do not get caning for throwing a piece of sweet-wrapper (for goodness sake!).

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With that settled, back to what I am trying to say – way of living in Singapore. Singaporeans are typically hardworking people, and practically slog our necks out day in day out, to make a living, to make a better living, and to maintain our standard of living.

You will find entertaining activities too. Sports, Cultural Events, Nature etc. ARE available in Singapore. BUT – typical Singaporeans do not have the time (that’s one thing we do not have!) to enjoy the facilities put in place by the government for us.

A typical working Singaporean’s (like me) week starts by working from Monday to Friday (some Saturday). During working days, most of us would head straight for home after work, and get our dinner at home and stay at home after that.

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Weekends are usually spent with the family, and spent either shopping (usually for groceries), catching a movie (a slowing- dying trend though), some sports etc.

Singaporeans sometimes visit our islands (yes, Singapore is an island by itself, but we do still have islands surrounding us that belongs to Singapore!) for leisure, for example Sentosa (I personally feel it became too commercialised), Pulau Ubin etc. Some like trekking at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserves, or spend time walking along the numerous beaches along the coast of Singapore.

Once in a while (some once a year, some twice or more), we will reward ourselves with a trip to other countries (to re-charge as some would say).

The trend is changing though, there are more and more working Singaporeans who would dine out and party at clubs and discotheques even during work-days.

And no – Singaporeans are not bunch of boring people, we do enjoy ourselves too (yes, some find work enjoyable, like myself), but we know when to work and when to enjoy!

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