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Singapore Street Directory

Singapore Street Directory

If you wish to (or have to) drive around Singapore, remember to grab a copy of “Singapore Street Directory” (available in most bookstores, petrol kiosks etc. in Singapore). This street directory will tell you exactly on how to get around Singapore, however it is not recommended for first time visitors to Singapore as the names of the roads (especially when you are not locals) can be quite tough to pronounce/remember.

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Remember to get a copy of the “Transitlink Guide” which will tell you what (which train/bus) to take depending on where you wish to go. The guide is available at major book stores and train stations / bus depots around Singapore.

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The MRT system are fully air-conditioned and are well-maintained and clean. A trip from the East (Pasir Ris Station) to the West (Boon Lay Station) should not take more than 60-70 mins, and fare ranges from $0.80 to $1.80 depending on the number of stations you will be passing. You can purchase the tickets to ride on the MRT from the train stations you are departing from.

The exact fares for each trip are clearly displayed on the walls of the train stations you take the train from. If ever in doubt, feel free to contact one of the station officers on duty.

You can take the train from the many train stations around Singapore. Go for signs that shows “Train Stations” or “MRT” or ask the locals around, you will find one which is near you. If you have a copy of the “Transitlink Guide”, then you will never be lost!

Tourists may wish to purchase the “Tourists Sovenir” card which allows you multiple trips and retain the ticket when you have finished using the card. More information can be obtained from the train stations as well.

Public Buses in Singapore served most if not all roads in Singapore. You can get to anywhere in Singapore using the public buses. Buses come in both air-conditioned or non air-conditioned. Trips on air-conditioned buses are slightly more expensive than the non air-conditioned ones.

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Prices for bus trips are from S$0.60 to S$1.50 (cheaper if you are using farecards). Trips can range from a few minutes to over 1 1/2 hours, depending on where you are heading.

It is strongly recommended that you use this mode of transport if you are in town visiting (pleasure), as it (the buses) brings you around Singapore and you can see the people, places and way of living of the country right in the comfort of the bus you are traveling in.

Buses are usually clean and comfortable, so if you can spare the time, hop on board one of the public buses to get around Singapore. The “Transitlink Guide” will tell you what bus service number to take depending on the location you wish to go.

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