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Singapore Is The Shoppers’ Paradise

Singapore Is The Shoppers’ Paradise

From City Hall MRT station, you can also access Peninsular Plaza, Funan Centre (famous hunting ground for IT products), The Adelphi (for HI-FI and Camera enthusiasts) etc.

So try to spend one day here too, and bring extra cash because the shopping can be very tempting!

There is another specific place that I would recommend you to go, take a train to the Bugis MRT station. Drop by Bugis Junction where you will find a nice shopping mall converted and upgraded from old shop houses!! You have to see to believe! From there, remember to drop by Bugis Village for food (remember, if you feel the prices are too expensive, just avoid those stalls!).

Singapore Is The Shoppers' Paradise 1

Nearby, you will find Fortune Centre (good for electronic buffs), Albert Court (cheap electronic stuffs as well) and Sim Lim Square (strictly a must for computer die-hards). Drop by Rochor Centre across the street, you will find HUGE bargains as a lot of the shop owners actually export their goods overseas, so you can literally purchase a lot of products at wholesale price.

Write-ups on shopping in Singapore will never end, Singapore is THE SHOPPERS’ PARADISE, period. There are simply too many to write and even the government will have a hard time telling you where is the best place to go. It all depends on whether you know where to go and find what you want according to your taste and budget. From the above (which could set you back by a few days at least), I have not even covered one tenth of what’s available. There are many other areas like Katong (good for food as well!), East Coast (sun and sea as well!), Bishan (Bugis Junction shopping mall) and not to forget many town center’s shopping complexes all over the island etc. etc. There are simply too many to write and will probably never end, that’s the beauty of the shopping scene in Singapore.

* Footnote

Many foreign publications and media reported Singapore to be a pirates’ haven – NOT!

Singapore Is The Shoppers' Paradise 1

Being a local here, it is tough to find pirated or imitation goods! Imitation goods are a plenty elsewhere, but it is difficult to find one in Singapore. If you find one today, it would probably not last for more days (maximum one or two months), because the authorities will clamp them them almost immediately!

So for those ill-informed, you are hearing from the horses’ mouth, I am a local and I am having trouble finding imitation or pirated goods, if you have a source, let me know and prove me wrong! Else, stop those irresponsible remarks and accusations!

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