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Planning a Vietnam holiday itinerary in May

May, one of the best times in the year to come to Vietnam holiday locations.

May, the time of long vacations for students and refreshment for people who worked hard all year round.

There are so many Vietnam holiday itineraries that you can take part in, or even make your Vietnam holiday adventure to discover the beauty of the S-shape land that is still a mystery to you.

1. Sapa – Vietnam holiday destination with breath-taking landscapes

Sapa is considered as “Da Lat of the North”. This is one of the tourist destination attracts many tourists in Vietnam and abroad. Sapa has a cool climate all year round. Come to Sapa, you can feel the weather “4 seasons in 1 day”. It means that visitors will feel a Sapa morning with the weather of spring, noon with the weather of summer, the late afternoon with the weather of Autumn, and the late night with the weather of winter. This diversity of climate of Sapa weather makes many visitors “fascinated”. Not only that, the layers of terraced fields as layers of giant escalators climb to the sky is also the thing that always attract travelers a lot.


Sapa – Vietnam holiday destination with breath-taking landscapes

Visitors make Vietnam holiday itinerary to Sapa for terraced fields, which is something that many visitors acknowledge. The simple nature of the fields is the miracle of creativity for humans. Sapa, nowhere else, is one of the most interesting stops for tourists on the Vietnam holiday map in May.

2. Mekong Delta – An irresistible stop in any Vietnam holiday itinerary

The attraction of the fruit gardens in Mekong Delta is something can’t​ be ignored every May. Coming to Mekong Delta in May, there won’t be only the lovely fruit trees, but also the lush green gardens, the charming canals and of course the famous floating markets,… for you to experience and enjoy. Therefore, many visitors choose Mekong Delta as an irresistible stop in their Vietnam holiday itinerary.


Mekong Delta with wonderful fruit orchards

Some interesting activities can’t be missed here are fish catching, fruit collecting, cooking local specialties, experiencing a morning with floating markets, sitting on small boat and going through small mysterious canals,… These things sound simple but can also bring happiness to any tourist when coming here. Mekong Delta is the best choice that visitors always choose to come every summer. It is a place where people have not yet been to see the hangover, have not yet returned to have remembered and when you return and wish to have more opportunities to return.

3. Phu Quoc – The Island with many beautiful natural scenery

For those who have a special interest, they often go to secluded places, places where not many people know to find some peace or quiet space in order to relax after stressful time. And one of destinations they prefer is Phu Quoc island. The pristine nature and simplicity of the people in Phu Quoc Island make many visitors have to fall in love immediately. Many visitors choose this place to get their Vietnam holiday after a period of hard work.


Phu Quoc – The Island with many beautiful natural scenery

Walking along the white sandy beaches stretching​ kilometers or soaking​ in the clear blue water as the jade here, these are the simple things that these travelers want to get to Phu Quoc. For many other visitors, a delicious seafood dinner or a night fishing squid on the sea is a gift “reward yourself” after a hard time “fighting with life”.

4. Many tourist spots are available for a Vietnam holiday itinerary in May

May, the “awesome moment” to travel, visitors choose for themselves an ideal destination. Besides the destinations mentioned above, then going Hanoi, Halong Bay, Mui Ne, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Quy Nhon, Buon Me Thuot,… can be fancy selections.


A corner in Hanoi

So just arrange the work and prepare a sufficient amount of money that you can be here, play and enjoy relaxation for the end of May.

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