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Places to eat when traveling to Hai Phong

Crab noodles, spicy bread or fried crab spring roll,… are all dishes that are the best that you should try when visiting the city of red phoenix flowers, Hai Phong.

The cuisine of Hai Phong has become more and more popular in Vietnam, from the North to South. Under the pride of Hai Phong people, they have upgraded the special dishes of their port city into one of the best dishes that any foreign tourists should try when coming to Vietnam.

1. Hai Phong crab noodles

This is the first dish you should enjoy when visiting Hai Phong. This dish is often eaten in the breakfast or lunch and is easily found on many streets in Hai Phong province.


Hai Phong crab noodles

Red noodle is first soaked a short while in boiling water and poured into a bowl of diced vegetables, fish balls, diced green onions, add a bit of crab meat, tomatoes and sprinkle thinly chopped onion.

You can find restaurants selling this dish in the are on Tran Phu street, Minh Khai street, Pham Ngu Lao street, Cau Dat street,… Price is about 30,000VND/ a bowl.

2. Dishes from snails

Kinds of seafood, especially snails in Hai Phong are very diversified, with all sorts of fresh seafood caught in the sea. On the street of Hai Phong, you can also find shops with numerous types of snails.

From snail species sounds quite strange that you can hardly ever imagine, the sellers can process into many dishes such as boiled, grilled, stir-fried with coconut, stir-fried with tamarind. When you eat, you will feel a bit chewy and sweet of snail mixed with spicy sauce.


A plate of stir-fried snail

You can enjoy the snail dishes on Le Loi street, Le Lai street, Cat Dai street, Luong Van Can street, Van Cao street and Hang Kenh street. The price is from 50,000 to 100,000VND per plate.

3. Spicy bread

Hot and spicy bread in Hai Phong are sold on sidewalks, with no signboards or tables.

This kind of bread is small, just in the size of two fingers, inside the bread is a layer of fragrant pate, salted shredded meat, chili sauce and especially coriander. Before selling bread for customers, the sellers will grill it a bit on the stove so that it’ll have a hot crispy cover, but no matter hot or cold, it is still attractive to customers.


The crispy tasty bread here

You can find some restaurants on Dinh Tien Hoang street, Minh Khai street, Hang Kenh street,… Price is about 7,000VND.

4. Fried crab spring roll

With the unique flavor of the sea, not mixed with any place, this is a kind of spring rolls you must try to Hai Phong.

The process of making this food demands carefulness in the preparation of raw materials including preparing the mushrooms, the meat, dicing green onions, vermicelli, putting eggs in, preparing bean sprouts,… and especially the main ingredient of the dish, crab meat. The crabs are newly caught from the sea, the crab meat will be put in the mix with the other ingredients and packaged into the square.


Fried crab meat roll is always one of the best dishes of Hai Phong

Fried crab spring roll is one of the dishes you should try when coming to the port city because the taste here is very different from other places.

When ordering, spring rolls will be cut into four, served with raw vegetables, noodles and sweet and sour sauce. You can eat at Tran Nhat Duat, To Hieu. The price is about 60,000 VND a rate.

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