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Places of Interests In Singapore

Places of Interests In Singapore

There are many places of interests, not necessary “tourists attractions” if you get what I mean. There are literally hundreds of them, many with interesting historical background, cultural background etc. While I talked about eating and shopping, I have already mentioned some of them. In this section, I will try to be more comprehensive.

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Personally, I am not one for those “commercialized” areas, where they are specifically “tourists attractions”. However, I am not going to discriminate such places since this is a general guide. But I will also include certain areas which many (even locals) have not visited. Again, it depends on one’s interests. There are many things to do, unlike what many say, Singapore is a concrete jungle, while not actually true, to be perfectly honest.

Unlike what many would like to think, Singaporeans are not that boring after all (ok, I must admit I do have my fair share of boring friends). There are many after-hours spots in Singapore where you could go for your round of drinks and partying. There are nightclubs, discotheques, pubs, wine bars etc. etc. You name it, you can find it here. I will be featuring some of them here as well.

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You can find many facilities where you can see animals, birds and even reptiles! There are also several places where you can enjoy the mother nature and see plants and flowers. If you are an animal or bird lover, remember to visit Singapore Zoological Gardens, Jurong Bird Park, and if you like reptiles (and I cannot understand why!! ), visit Jurong Reptile Park. There is also the Night Safari which opens only at night, where you can experience being close to animals which comes out only during the night time.

For those keen on underwater live, you must not miss (although I feel it is kind of expensive for entrance fees) the Underwater World at Sentosa Island.

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