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Phuoc Binh highland, stopping place for those who love to explore

Phuoc Binh National Park, Ninh Thuan, has always been an ideal stop for travelers seeking to explore the untouched nature.

Phuoc Binh National Park is located in Phuoc Binh commune, Bac Ai district, Ninh Thuan province, about 70 km northwest of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city center. To get there, visitors should move along National Highway 27 to Ninh Son about 36 km, turn right to Highway 27B about 1 km, then turn left onto DT656 and then go straight to the sea side.


Phuoc Binh highland

On the way, visitors will be “set” with innumerable beautiful natural scenery: majestic mountains and forests, endless messages, endless ethnic villages, green fields,…

Phuoc Binh has many attractions such as national park center, botanical garden, gaur, Da Nhong stream, Da Ban waterfall, suspension bridge, rock trap Pi-Tac Tac,… In particular, Da Nhong – Da Ban – Da Den is an ideal destination for weekend picnic activities, attracting the most number of visitors when traveling to Ninh Thuan.


Da Ban Waterfall

The area of ​​Da Ban Waterfall has many drum stones suitable for picnic, camping, fishing,… To get there, you have to pass about 1.5 km forest road. Phuoc Binh Forest is cool, pure, with wild nature and fresh air. On the way to the forest, travelers can watch the blooming hatching, the unique species of trees, catching the coconut trees in the early sun, insects, mushrooms, bamboo shoots,…

The waterfall here is about 3m high, along with Da Den Waterfall, Da Nhong Stream,… forming a stream of waterfall running along 11 km, extending from Lam Dong to Ninh Thuan. The waterfall area is very deep, under the fast flowing water forming small lakes, become space flight dive into the cool spring water of visitors. There are many streams here where you can try catching the fish to grill immediately to enjoy.


Da Nhong Stream

In the afternoon, you can leave the Da Ban waterfall to visit the monument Pi-Tac Tac Traps, pass the bridges across the Cai River, admire lushly green fields of local people and their villages,… And in the smoke of the dim lullaby next to the woods in the gloomy rain clouds, which makes the mountainous space more majestic, full of mystery.

Tourists will have a chance to catch fish by themselves, cook it with a little salt, pepper and sweet pepper and then enjoy it. Fish is very delicious, sweet, and you will feel like in a wonderful combination of flavors in the spicy taste of chili peppers, a little salt of lemon pepper,…

In fact, Phuoc Binh highland garden is not only a forest, a waterfall where you will feel like in a peaceful land, a hidden paradise.

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