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Phuket is proving its irresistible ​attractiveness to tourists (part 1)

In recent years, Thailand has become the favorite destination of Vietnamese tourists and other foreign tourists. Traveling to Thailand is becoming easier and easier with cheap airline tickets and affordable accommodation.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 1)1

Thailand and its magnificent beauty

But, shopping around in Bangkok is always something that you will easily get bored within a day, that’s why most of tourists nowadays often find other interesting places in Thailand to discover, including Phuket. Located not far from Bangkok, Phuket is known as paradise island with its pristine sands, beautiful beaches, endless kinds of water sports and parties on the beaches.

So what are you still waiting for but not preparing bikini, sunscreen and then carrying​ backpack and going to Phuket to enjoy​ the real heaven here.

  • Best time to go to Phuket

Beautiful time to go to Phuket is from November to March. This time has a warm climate, not too hot nor rainy so it is very suitable to have fun with the sightseeing around and outdoor activities in Phuket. Avoid April, May and September, October as these are the peak months in Phuket.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 1)2

Phuket in Spring

  • Transportation to Phuket

By plane: There is no direct flight from Vietnam to Phuket, you must take a connected flight in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Most tourists will choose the connected flight in Bangkok. If you’re​ worried about the flight expenses, then AirAsia is a good hint for you, with the affordable tickets of this airline, you will only need to pay 3,5 million for a round trip.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 1)3

You can choose AirAsia for the cheapest price

By bus from Bangkok: The bus runs for 12 hours at around 400,000 VND / person.

  • Hotels in Phuket

There are many hotels at a great price to choose from and it is also very affordable to tourists. Suggestions are to book near Patong beach or Kata center area as these are two very crowded, bustling areas and convenient to visit other destinations around.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 1)4

A hotel in Kata center​

  • Rent a motorbike in Phuket

To rent a motorbike to travel around the city, you can find a motorbike rental agency online or ask your tour guide for that, and the expense for renting a motorbike is from 130-200,000 VND / day excluding gasoline. Petrol price is quite cheap in the range of 20-25.000 VND / liter. Motorbike rental procedures are simple, just photocopy the passport and give it to the owner.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 1)5

Driving motorbike around is definitely not a bad idea

And that’s all for the part 1 of this article, let’s follow me to Part 2! In the second part, I will give you some suggestions to experience in Phuket!


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