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Phuket is proving its irresistible​ attractiveness to tourists (part 2)

Different from Part 1, in this part, I’m gonna show you some suggestions for your trip in Phuket.

1. Things to expect when traveling to Phuket

  • Fantasea show: This is the largest show on the island with the investment and participation of many artists and animals such as elephants, dogs … Here, you can participate in many interesting games, enjoy foods and shopping.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)1

In a Fantasea show

  • Koh Phi Phi: People often told to Phuket that Koh Phi Phi was not belonged to Phuket. Koh Phi Phi is renowned for being one of Thailand’s most beautiful diving sites with coral reefs, colorful fish and clear waters. In addition to diving in Koh Phi Phi, there are many other interesting activities such as seeing Koh Phi Phi from afar, kayaking or watching the fire dance on the beach.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)2

Koh Phi Phi island

  • Phang Nga Bay: This is the location of many popular films such as “007 Agent”, “Jurassic Park” so the glitter is no more needed to talk much about! Phang Nga Bay is home to many huge limestone mountains with many limestone mountains rising from the sea and having very unique shapes. Do not forget to sit on the boat and explore the caves with unique stalactites carved by nature. The most famous cave is Tham Lad with a width of over 50m and a height of over 10m.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)3

Phang Nga bay

  • Entertaining at Patong Beach: The area is home to many bars, pubs, nightclubs … You can go for a walk, have fun in the dazzling music and the laughter from the tourists.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)4

On Patong beach

  • Phuket City Tour: Some places you can visit if you have time is Chalong Pagoda, Cape Promtep, Old Phuket town.

2. Cuisine in Phuket

The cuisine in Phuket as well as the Thai cuisine in general are varied, especially unique and impressive, especially the Thailand’s street foods. In any street or market you can easily buy a good meal for only VND40-60,000.

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)5

A Thai dish in Phuket

Some of the unique dishes to try in Phuket are ice cream sandwiches, Khao Lam (rice lam), Kanom Krok, Kao Tom Mud, coconut milk pumpkin custard egg … Price is also very cheap so you can freely enjoy food without any worry about the expense.

3. 4 beautiful cafes in Phuket

  • Talk café:

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)6

Talk Café

Located on the front of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket, Talk Coffee is one of Phuket’s most wonderful places to watch sunsets or sunrise on the sea. In addition to the delicious coffee selected from Northern Thailand, mango cake here is also worth a try!

  • Café’in café:

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)7

Caféin Café

Café locates next to Thaihua museum and famous for Ao – AEW. This is a very attractive dessert in Phuket, made of jelly, syrup, shaved ice and red beans. Café’in coffee also has a wonderful variation with the combination of lemon and honey.

  • A little sweet café:

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)8

A little sweet cafe

This will be a nice coffee shop for you to “change” a little if you get bored with Thai food. A little sweet serves a variety of Japanese desserts not only delicious but also beautiful, and is also a very suitable place to have nice pictures.

  • Pikgo Café:

Phuket-is-proving-its-irresistible-attractiveness-to-tourists-(part 2)9

Pikgo cafe

Situated next to Phuket’s largest seafood area, this is a great place to enjoy coffee and watch the street with live music. Pikgo is also very popular with honey toast and delicious vanilla ice cream.



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