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Pattaya – Thailand’s most gorgeous beach

“If you have a long winter vacation, what kind of destination you prefer?”

To me, that’s absolutely the beaches, the awesome, sunny beaches with white smooth sand and crystal blue water, with lovely sounds of wave, with seafood restaurants and food zones serving exotic and delicious dishes all day and night long. Well, if that’s everything you expect, then you should put Thailand in the top of the list of destinations on your trip and Pattaya Beach is a must for you.


Thailand has a lot of stunning beaches

Pattaya is a beach city in Southeast Thailand. It used to be a normal, not so attractive, small fishing village. However, it is no longer a bored village but one of the most attractive tourism spots in the kingdom, which appeals lots of tourists coming to the beautiful destination each year. Unlike in some other beaches, you won’t have to face any trouble in finding a convenient store or a high-quality hotels,… everything will be just available 24/24 which is extremely comfortable. As a part of Thailand, Pattaya has four distinct seasons with the average temperature higher than those in regions. You can travel to Pattaya in any time of the year but the most ideal time for visiting this city is from November to February, when Pattaya has hardly rain and the weather is extremely cool for your winter holiday.

1. Enjoying stunning beaches

One of the most attractive beaches here is Jomtien Beach. It includes a complex of luxury resorts and hotels, cuisine zones and restaurants for seafood and Thai specialties, it also has fantastic locations for water sports like water-skiing, boating, diving. Besides Jomtien beach, Ko Lan Beach is also one of the must-go beaches for your trip. However, if you come to Pattaya’s beaches and just bathing, you really missed out some very interesting activities, such as going fishing, paddling, and surfing.


Jomtien beach of Thailand

And seafood here is definitely recommended because you won’t have more delicious Thai seafood than those in Pattaya’s beaches. Anyway, going to beach in winter to enjoy a holiday as in summer must be fantastic trip than ever and Pattaya’s beaches are must-goes for this winter. Besides its sunny beaches, visitors coming to Pattaya will have chance to go sightseeing landscapes surrounding like Phra Tamnak Hill, Wat Yannasangwararam – a royal Buddhist temple, Bottle Museum with more than 300 masterpieces of object-in-bottles,…

2. Visiting Royal Garden Plaza

This trading center is really a highlight spot in Pattaya, even in Thailand. It is not only a commercial center where offers lots of products, ranging from famous brands to popular labels, but also a stunning resort serving you with good facilities and services. Besides, it is available for you with an eating section, a clothing section, handicraft shops, and restaurants,… Thus, you can play, enjoy and relax in just on spot like Royal Garden Plaza.


Royal Garden Plaza of Thailand

3. Discovering Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Visiting Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is also one of a must-do on your trip to not only Pattaya but also Thailand. From Bangkok to Pattaya, the garden is a closed tourism spot diversifying with top-star restaurants, high-ranking resorts, stunning stages for art performances and an area for tame 42 elephant’s performances. It is definitely an unique botanical garden not in Thailand only but in all over the world.


Nong Nooch tropical botanical garden of Thailand

4. Sightseeing Pattaya elephant village

Located next to Phonpraphanimit Road and is a perfect place for sightseeing and enjoying the scenery of nature. The Village will give you a chance to witness the daily life of elephant and watch their impressive performances, such as elephant ball kicking, elephant war, and elephant parade. Don’t forget to drop by Pattaya elephant village if you want to enjoy an exotic gerne of entertainment.


Elephant village in Pattaya

5. Relaxing in Koh Larn coral island

If you find a place to relax, entertain and eat exotic seafood, there’s a wonderful place that you shouldn’t ignore, that’s Koh Larn coral island. The island owns its huge sand beaches smoother than Pattaya, restaurants specializing in top-star seafood; fulfill facilities for water sports, gardens of orchids and cactus and stunning systems of ideal resorts.


Koh Larn coral island

To sum up, Pattaya may be an ideal destination for you enjoying the summer best in a winter. On your way to Thailand, do not miss this paradise!


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