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Pass Bokor pass, relax on Kep beach in Cambodia

It is about 10 km from the Xa Xa (Ha Tien) border gate to arrive in Kampot province of Cambodia, a gorgeous place with rivers, mountains, and very close to the beach, is often considered as a new destination for tourists who want to make a Vietnam-Cambodia your.

1. How to go?

You can take car or motorbike to Xa Xa border gate (Ha Tien town). To make this tour, you need toget permission papers from the local authorities to pass the border between Vietnam and Cambodia.

From Xa Xa border gate, you run another 10 km to Kampot province in Cambodia.


The beauty of Bokor pass

If you choose a bus from Ho Chi Minh City, you should choose a bed car departed at 21h to Ha Tien, its fare is 180,000 per person.When arriving there, you buy bus tickets to Kampot, it’s about 250,000 VND per person, travel time is 2 hours. Each day there are 2 departures from Ha Tien – Kampot (at 6:30 and 12:30) and 2 reverse routes.

From June, there will be direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Shihanouk Ville. Shihanouk is 114 km away from Kampot, and it will take more than 2 hours to get there. This will be a new option which makes the trip to Cambodia more convenient that married couples in the first 6 months of the year can fly to Ho Chi Minh city – Shihanouk Ville with no fares.

2. What to eat?

The dishes in Kampot include chicken, pineapple and bok lahong, sour-spicy salad.


Tasty foods in Kampot

Snacks should include snails, grilled meat, grilled eggs served with garlic bread, tea, rice, porridge,… The prices are quite soft. You can fill up your stomach with only 66,000 VND (3 USD).

3. Where to sleep?

Depending on your budget, you can choose resorts, hotels, motels. Rates range is from $ 7-100 per room per night.


It’s not hard to find a good place to sleep over in Kampot

If staying in Kampot for 2 nights or more, you should choose a bungalow close to the river. Rental rates range from $ 7-45 a night. The food is served at the bungalow, priced at $ 5-100.

4. Tourist sites

Kampot Town Center: Check out the giant square of durian fruit, rambutans, mangosteens, and coconuts. These fruits are Kampot’s specialty.

The Bokor Plateau (also known as Ta Lon Mountain) is 1,080 m high, about 10 km from the center of Kampot town (Kampot province). The road to the top is 33 km long, winding, with about 8 sections of crags, often with dew, beautiful scenery. At many points on the pass and Bokor, visitors can see Phu Quoc island.

The experience here should include the old church, the old casino, the 5-boat temple associated with the legend of the origin of the kingdom of Cambodia, explore the ancient rock field, rowing on the lake,… Also, do not forget to worship The statue of the giant Yeay Mao, which is in the middle of the mountain. Cambodians believe that Ma Yeay Mao blesses for vehicles on the pass.


Ma Yeay Mao temple

The rent for a motorbike in Kampot is 120,000 VND / day. If you do not want to ride a motorbike, you can choose to tour Bokor on all 6 points of Bokor Mountain (including lunch), and watch the sunset on the Kampot River. Full day tour package price is 350,000 VND per person. Tour time from 8h30 to 14h (Bokor Mountain), after that you will get back to the hotel. And it’s time for you to watch the sunset from 16-18h.

Teuk Chhou River is about 15 km from Kampot town. In Cambodian, teuk chhou means flowing water. The experience should be tried here include bathing in streams, enjoy specialties such as aromatic burning chicken,…

Kep is a seaside town very close to Kampot, about 20 km from Xa Xa border gate, which is very suitable for you to combine on your trip. Beautiful sea with beautiful white sand, clear blue water,… Come here, in addition to bathing, do not forget to enjoy the delicacies at the temporary coastal market. Most prominent is Bok lahong, sour salad, spicy is considered specialties in Kep.

In addition, you can visit the pepper garden, Kampot durian, enjoy fresh durian or seafood prepared with pepper.

Bring what:

  • Jackets, long jeans to protect the sun, mosquito (Kampot has a lot of mosquitoes).
  • Hats, sunscreen, cream and insect repellent.
  • Some medicines for underlying diseases.
  • Cash

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