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Overwhelmed in the magnificent scene on the Tam Dao Range

You want​ to challenge yourself, do not have to go far, come to the town of Tam Dao and conquer three mountain peaks in the chain. This is a new trekking destination but has been known by many young people. Tam Dao trekking tours include Thien Thi, Thach Ban and Phu Nghia.

Tam Dao is a mountain range of about 50km, covering an area of 850km² in the northeastern and southeastern direction of Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang. In particular, Thien Thi Peak (1,591m high), Thach Ban (1,420m high) and Phu Nghia Peak (Phu Nghi, Mang Chỉ, 1,250m high).

Travel to Tam Dao to conquer the three summits complete one day, you need to prepare yourself for good health. Thach Thanh Hung, a mountain climber who has conquered these peaks, said: “We started early, around 5am. The favorable weather should take more than an hour to reach the peak of Phu Nghia.


The overview of Tam Dao

The wonderful point of Tam Dao mountain is the lush primeval forest, especially the forest with vertical trunk, creating a green and mysterious space like the context of the movie “House of Flying Daggers” . The best thing is that when dawn is over, the light shines through the millions of leaves, into the mist that makes travelers feel like lost in a paradise.

Climbing Phu Nghia is not too difficult. The biggest difficulty is that you must overcome yourself in the first stage. The reason is that the body is not yet used to the movement. If you pass yourself, you can confidently conquer the next two peaks.

Thien Thi is considered to be the most beautiful peak, at the top of the mountain, you can zoom out to see the illuminated cloud valley. Clouds surround the valley, and around them, the flowers of the forest bloom.


The most beautiful one of the three peaks in Tam Dao

The biggest challenge is Thach Ban, when your body is tired, and the roads are getting harder. Not too many words when many professional climbers said that conquering Tam Dao is three time​ tougher than conquering Fansipan. In many tours, you must hold firmly on the roots or use ropes to pass through.

The biggest reward for a trekker in the last leg is probably the feeling of happiness when overcoming oneself.

When you return, you will continue to drown in the green forest. On the road, you can stop at several streams to enjoy the cool water after the wonderful journey.

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