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Outer Areas Shopping Malls In Singapore

Outer Areas Shopping Malls In Singapore

There are several “regional centres” in Singapore, located at the ‘suburbs’ of the country. What I can suggest that you be more adventurous, take the train!

You can probably find the same standard in terms of products and services, and at a lower price! Hey, these places are where Singaporeans shop, so you can expect lower prices as compared to say the same product available at Orchard Road!

Outer Areas Shopping Malls In Singapore 1

First, toss a coin (just kidding, but you still need to decide) and decide whether you want to head East or West (if your coin has the third side, the North as well!) or North.

Then go to the nearest train station and buy a ticket that allows you to ride to the furthermost station.        For example, the furthermost train station on the east would be Pasir Ris MRT station while the furthermost train station on the west would be Boon Lay MRT station. There is no furthermost station on the north however as it is a loop. But just purchase enough fare for you to take to the further most station and you will be safe.

Stay awake during the ride, and when you see a shopping mall you fancy, just alight and shop there! (I am not kidding, you will be given about 30 seconds to alight from the train to the platform, so you will have time to decide).

Malay Village (Geylang Serai)

Outer Areas Shopping Malls In Singapore 1

The ultimate place for those keen on learning more about Malay style of living!

There are a lot of shopping bargains along the way as well, and make sure you drop by Joo Chiat Complex (and go to S.H.E. Collection (Tel: 748-4381) on the 3rd floor for your Malay clothings, ask for the proprietor Ms Sherene Pang, and tell her Eddie Teo sent you, and you will be treated properly! She’s my mother, by the way..) for all your Malay clothings requirements! There are also several shops selling cloth, gold even electronic items!

How to get there: Take a train to Paya Lebar MRT station and ask the station officers how to walk to the Malay Village (about 10 mins walk).

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