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Origin of Macao’s famous egg tart

Macao’s signature egg tarts are actually derived from a kind of British cake.

Many people think that the famous egg tart of Macao is one of the products that Portuguese brought in the time they dominated this place. But in fact, the legendary egg tart of Macao today is created by a British baker. Andrew Stow is the author of the egg tarts that became symbol of Macao’s cuisine, turned this Coloane island into heaven for tourists who fall in love with cakes of thousands of layers around the world.


The egg tarts of Mr. Stow bakery

Visiting the modest bakery of Mr. Stow nowadays, trying a piece of egg tart here, with the crispy, a bit salty cover, the creamy, fragrant taste of the egg cream inside of the tarts, and of course looking at the beautiful color of the tart here, all can bring you to a paradise of flavors. Tasting this tart makes people remember about Mr. Stow after 10 years of his death.

“He dives into everything and has no hesitation in the kitchen,” said Eileen, Stow’s sister. “He’s like a 60-year-old man in a young man’s body, so he’s never afraid to change the formulas to make them his own.”


The wonderful taste of it makes this cake popular throughout the world

Mr. Stow opened a famous bakery named Lord Stow in Central square of Coloane Island from 1989 up to now, he worked as a pharmacist industry, invested in business imported materials but failed. later he decided to open a bakery.

“In the 80’s, many Portuguese came to Macao because everyone noticed that there were great opportunities for the economy to develop here,” said Jason Wordie, a local historian, Macau author. – Man and Land, Past and Future explained. At that time, egg tarts sold in local bakeries were imported from Hong Kong, suffered much of the impact of British egg tarts and had an unattractive look.


Making the egg tarts here needs a lot of skills

The result of a combination of Portuguese and English formulas is the more light, frosted egg cream, crispy cover and sweet caramel sauce above. The caramel sauce remains unchanged from the Portuguese version invented by 18th-century.

Despite meeting a lot of struggles because both Chinese and Portuguese think that this cake was definitely not a good idea, but then the bakery of Mr. Stow has gained a lot of customers and become an unmissable place when coming to Macao for any tourists.


The egg tart has helped Macao’s tourism developed a lot

Journalists then began to write about him and his small bakery as a culinary destination to visit when arriving in Macao. In 1997, Mr. Stow opened its first store in Hong Kong. Egg tarts with his special formula are famous throughout the world, with long queue of people waiting to be able to buy and taste “a piece from heaven” that this cake bring to them. From there, the Lord Stow Egg Tart became a familiar image of Macao cuisine.

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