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My awesome 3 days with Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is always an attractive destination to foreigners by the unique activities that you can only do there, such as visiting several stunning landscapes, discovering the historical culture and approaching the life of local people,… Clearly, you will definitely immerse yourself in the natural beauty and the rich culture of Mekong Delta region. Besides, you can spend time to explore the local floating market at its nicest time and most exciting of the day. That’s why I decided to make my Mekong Delta tours to really discover and understand about this mighty delta of Southern Vietnam, and the way that I chose to make my most fantastic adventure ever is gettingMekong Delta tours in 3 days.

  • On the first day

On arrival in Ben Tre Province head towards Tien Giang, I boarded​ for a cruise among the landscapes like Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle and Phoenix Islands. I had a chance to visit Tan Phong, a traditional village where honey tea and coconut cake or hot rice cake are always available. Next, a board smaller boat includes 3 to 4 people for a more adventurous cruise on the Xep Canal, which moves between the forest of palm trees. My trip continued​ to visit a small factory producing handicrafts made of coconut. I could taste their exotic fruit when coming to Turtle Island and a typical orchard in there. Enjoy the atmosphere, the calm and quietness of the nature of the wetland forest and have a homestay experience with the locals.


The forest of palm trees in Mekong Delta

End of the first day of the trip, I took a sampan to the main road for two hours driving to Can Tho city and overnight in hotel, Can Tho city.

  • On the second day

In this morning, there are two options for you either visiting Cai Rang floating market or visiting Phong Dien floating market, which are the liveliest in the whole religion. Approaching Cai Rang floating market, I got a chance to admire the selling activities in the past by using a traditional “offering pole” for exchanging consumer goods. Hundreds of boats created from the dawn till before noon make the area extraordinary dynamic and the water surface colorful with numerous tropical fruits. The waterway becomes a maze of hundreds of boats packed with local fruits such as mango, bananas, papaya, pineapple, and even smuggled goods. While taking in the beautiful scenery and the daily life in Mekong River, I got really impressed by the friendly local people and experience how to pass a “Monkey bridge” which is built by only one stem of bamboo. It was totally a difficult experience in the trip. Or you can through the river by the canals, it will be easier and safer.


The atmosphere in a floating market in Mekong Delta

Leaving Can Tho to Chau Doc by car, the other destination in my 3 day Mekong Delta tours is Tra Su forest, or Tra Su Bird Sanctuary, which can be smoothly visited​by small boats. I spent time discovering​ the arrays of splendid canals deep into the forest and grace storks, cranes and other tropical birds.

  • On the third day

Chau Doc is a place where visitors​ can come to and visiting some fish farms and Cham Minority Village and the exit out by waterway to Cambodia. I chose to take a motorboat on the trip because I got some suggestions from everyone that this is the best way for me to find the most wonderful experience. Cham villages have a mosque superficial, majestic, sparkling in the morning sunlight or sunset. Houses also have the type of unusual architecture with decorative patterns and decoration in houses. Appearing for a moment on the door railing are beautiful young girls sitting to spin or weave brocade under the floor. In particular, Cham women are very beautiful when they wear traditional clothes. If you come here, you can even try wearing them to take photograph. It is more fanciful.


Cham Minority village of Mekong Delta in Vietnam

To Cham villages, I had a precious chance to taste a special dish of “beef sausage” or called “Tung lo mo”. Shredded beef is the popular food made of delicious beef such as thigh or lean beef cut up from bone, after mincing together with beef fat, mixing with garlic, pepper, sodium glutamate, sugar… together a few esoteric spices.

And end of the trip, I got back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Sounds really fantastic, right! So, if you make tours to Vietnam, don’t forget to drop by Mekong Delta so that you can enjoy the fancy experience as I did!

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