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Markets in Saigon, which is marked deeply in my heart

From the early days of coming to this land, Saigon has deeply marked in my mind up to now by the markets here. Saigon seems to welcome all strangers coming to it, living a life of the inhabitants. Therefore, in addition to the long-standing markets, famous in each district, each ward, each neighborhood has some other small markets that no one living there doesn’t know.

Someone said that to understand about the culture of a certain region, go to the markets there. Well, I think they must have had reason to say so. Because the market is always the place that most of people gather, no matter in the morning or afternoon. They come to market not only to buy things but also to discuss about every news they know.


In a morning market in Saigon

Markets in Saigon are like the markets in other provinces, also divided into kiosks. In addition, there are pavement areas, or roadways where small retailers rent kiosks to sell.

But the market in Saigon is also different. Of course, it must be, because as a market in the big city, which is obviously more crowded, more condensed with people. Commodities are rich and diverse in types. There are a lot of specialties from different regions, enough to rationalize the statement: “Saigon does not lack anything.”


A street vendor on Saigon’s street

Another thing that makes me love Saigon, that’s when shopping in Saigon, the buyer is always called by the seller with a very sweet name: dear baby. And before the customer left the seller will always sincerely thanks and a smile that’s fresher than flowers will be sent to the customers.

Saigon, this land makes me love it by such simple things, like the ancient trees in the center, on Le Duan Street, Truong Dinh Street,… Who do not like to go on the shady green roads like that, especially when it is located in city ​​center, a place that’s not easy to find a shady space like that.


Central post-office of Saigon

It can not be denied that Saigon, if lack of administrative works outside District 1, the city will be more or less the bag of charm. Which is the City People’s Committee, the Central Post Office, Notre Dame cathedral, library, museum with elegant colonial architecture and longevity.

With Saigon, I especially love the street corners, small alleys which are extremely peaceful and a bit ancient, totally separated from the bustling life happening right in this city, one of the biggest cities in Vietnam. I like street vendors, the “xe ôm”, the cyclos, the friendly sellers,… on the road. It makes this city gentler, softer and more idyllic.


A peaceful corner right in the middle of Saigon

And in Saigon, how can I forget the glittering light when the night falls, covers all over the city with the shimmering light of electric bulbs from the street-food stalls or from the modern buildings, the center malls,…Saigon, therefore, is always called the city that never sleeps.

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