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Malay Food In Singapore

Malay Food In Singapore

Nasi Lemak – This is fragrant rice (made by smell of pandan leaves and ginger) boiled and served with other ingredients. A typical serving usually includes small fish (ikan bilis and ikan kuning), fried egg, cucumber, and peanuts. Together with a small serving of chilli paste (which is hot and sweet), it makes a wonderful meal.

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There are also a variety of optional dishes to add on, and I strongly recommend you try the sambal prawns (chilli prawns), ikan kuning goreng (fried fish – small variety) etc. Just take your pick from the variety usually displayed in the front of the stall.

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One serving usually costs about S$3.00 – S$5.00, depending on how many of the optional dishes you added.

Nasi Ayam Goreng (translated Fried Chicken with Rice) – This is just like the chinese version of Chicken Rice, but for this case, the chicken meat is deep fried. It is one of my personal favourite for the way the chicken is fried.

If you like (or have tasted) Kentucky Fried Chicken or Texas Fried Chicken, have a good at our Malay Fried Chicken! I believe the chicken is marinated with spices and ginger (which explains its colour), salt and little flour is coated and then deep fried.

Oh yes, I generally pick the place I order my food from by judging by the faces of the people who are eating them. If I see them enjoying their food, I will usually order the same food to try out. This is just my personal habit, so please do not hold me by it!

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My preference is not to go to those hawker centres which are geared towards tourists (for example, Newton Hawker Centre etc.), those are expensive even for the locals, and some hawkers take the opportunity to charge higher for tourists (which is extremely unfair!). Spend a little bit more time and go to housing estates (there are also such places in town, just ask, you will find them) where local stays, and you will find great places for food.

So if you like fried food, you will love Nasi Ayam Goreng. It has a different taste to the Chinese version of Chicken Rice, another not to be missed! However, Nasi Ayam Goreng it is not easily found in Singapore. You can find it around the Geylang Serai area though.

A typical serving costs about S$3.00 to S$4.00.

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