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Making an escape to Hoi An to immerse in the paradise of delicious dishes (part 1)

As many other young people, we all sometimes just put ourselves in a lot of pressure, without knowing how to escape from that. But fortunately, we have the trips to somehow create our memory about a youth full of experience. And whenever coming to any new land, there’s one thing we can never miss, that’s the cuisine of that place. The local cuisine or the local specialty is somehow an element that deeply marks in any tourist’s mind.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 1)1

The poetic beauty of ancient streets in Hoi An

Hoi An is not an exception as well. People come to Hoi An not only for its fantastic scenery, its cultural traits, but also for its wonderful cuisine that nowhere else in Vietnam can have.

1. Grilled rice paper with stir-fried mussels – near Cam Nam bridge

Near Cam Nam bridge, there’s a stall selling grilled rice paper, it looks quite clean. If you’ve never tried this dish ever before, then you must try once having a chance to come to Hoi An. This dish has a quite attractive appearance, with a layer of chewy steamed rice paper put on a layer of crispy grilled rice paper, mashed green peas, and spring onion sauce.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 1)2

Grilled rice paper with stir-fried mussels – near Cam Nam bridge

The name of this dish derived from the way people often use to eat it: they will break the rice paper into pieces, then dip it in its special sauce and enjoy. The spicy and sour taste of stir-fried mussels eaten with the crispy and chewy rice papers will be en experience that you can’t forget.

2. Cao Lau – Tran Phu street

This dish is definitely a symbol of Hoi An, therefore, any tourists coming to Hoi An always have to try this dish once.

After a day full of outdoor and indoor activities in the ancient Hoi An, it’ll be a very fancy experience to enjoy Cao Lau on Tran Phu Street – which is told to be the best Cao Lau in Hoi An.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 1)3

Cao Lau on Tran Phu street

All the senses will be like bursting out when you take the first bite of Cao Lau here. It’ll be like an harmony of tastes, such as: sour, spicy, bitter, chewy, sweet, fresh, the flavor of sauce, aromatic herbs, soy sauce,… in your mouth. The meat is tender, lean and extremely fragrant, perhaps so that the broth of this dish is so special that no one can forget about it after the first time trying.

3. Steamed rice paper with grilled meat – Along Hoai River

Just spend an afternoon strolling along Hoai River, and you can see some small mobile stalls, which are full of fresh vegetables, meat and steamed rice paper.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 1)4

Steamed rice paper with grilled meat along Hoai River

With the grilled meat mixed with the sweet and light of the steamed rice paper and vegetable, this dish will make you feel like a totally new experience. To eat this dish in the right way, you just need to roll thin layer around raw vegetables, cucumber, banana with grilled meat and enjoy immediately.

4. Sweet corn soup

Sweet corn soup is sold everywhere in Hoi An. The only thing you need to do is waiting for a rainy evening, then waiting for a sweet-soup seller to go by, and ordering. The sweet taste of corn, fat of coconut milk, a rainy night on the old town is nothing more than that?

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 1)5

Sweet corn soup in Hoi An

And those are some dishes that you must try when coming to Hoi An, but that’s not all of the list that I wanna tell you. There are other dishes that can also steal your heart at first time trying that I’ll tell you in the NEXT part of this article.

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