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Making an escape to Hoi An to immerse in the paradise of delicious dishes (part 2)

Let’s continue our list of must-try dishes for a trip to Hoi An that we paused in the PREVIOUS part!

Well, I bet your mouth will get watering right after reading this article!

5. Hoi An chicken rice – Phan Chau Trinh

Unlike the chicken rice in Saigon, Hoi An chicken rice has its own characteristics, more frugal and enough to make visitors remember about it forever. The rice must be marinated before cooking, so when eating, you won’t only feel the taste of chicken, fish sauce but also the taste from rice as well. Soft chicken pieces, firm but not thin, thin skin, fragrant meat, squeezed with onions, salt and pepper.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 2)1

Hoi An chicken rice on Phan Chau Trinh street

Served with onion, papaya salad, cinnamon tea, soy sauce and chilli sauce, chicken rice on Pahn Chau Trinh street can give you all the essence in Hoi An cuisine.

6. Quang noodle – Cam Ha area

There’s no need to discuss about the flavor of Quang noodle anymore. This dish is as popular as Cao Lau, but the process of making is simplier than Cao Lau. Therefore, besides Cao Lau, Quang noodle is also an unmissable dish for any traveler when coming to Vietnam, especially those who choose Hoi An to be one of their destinations.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 2)2

Quang noodle in Cam Ha area

The sweetness of Quang noodles is distinctly different from the sweetness of the noodles cooked with beef. Just take one bite of Quang noodles and you’ll feel the amazing flavor of the noodles in the mouth, mixed with meat, shrimp, onions,… To create a delicious taste that you can’t find in anywhere else in Vietnam.

7. Beo cake – Cam Chau, Cam Nam

One of the most attractive dishes in Hoi An is Beo cake. It is quite understandable when this cake which is made from rice flour don’t make diners sick of it, but make them just wanna eat more and more.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 2)3

Beo cake in Cam Chau, Cam Nam

White, soft, smooth, with a round shape, with the minced shrimp and meat, seasoned perfectly, mixed with a little bit of cashew, fried in a medium heat,… When eating, people will take a little spicy fish sauce and put it in each bowl, then take the whole cake and put in the mouth to feel the essence of Hoi An cuisine.

8. Wonton – Thai Phien

The elements that determine whether the dish will gain diner’s heart or not are not only in the taste but also in the layout of dishes, and with a food-lover like me, the wonton in Hoi An achieves both these criteria. With diversified color: bright green of corn, fresh yellow of shrimp and red spot color of tomato,… all will make you just wanna take the phone to take pictures of it.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 2)4

Wonton in Thai Phien

But do not focus too much on taking the pictures but forget how delicious it is. The sweet and light taste of the wonton, which is carefully processed.

9. Xeo cake – Phan Chu Trinh street

This kind of xeo cake is the specialty of Hoi An town. I bet your mouth will get watering when seeing the big shrimp in the cake, with a beautiful, eye-catching orange of newly made cakes, highlighted on green leaves of cabbage. The appearance of this dish will definitely make you want to try it immediately.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 2)5

Xeo cake – Phan Chu Trinh street

The sweetness from fresh shrimps, fresh squid, and fresh vegetables all together create an irresistible specialty of Hoi An ancient quarter.

10. Dumpling and Vac cake – Nhi Trung street

Unlike the dumplings and Vac cake that we still see in anywhere else – the dumpling and Vac cake in Hoi An are served together on a plate.

Through the thin, transparent cover of Vac cake, diners can easily see the pink of shrimp paste, and when eating, you will feel the sweetness of shrimp mixed with a little pepper, garlic, onions, lemongrass,… all the ingredients are fresh and tasty.

Making-an-escape-to-Hoi-An-to-immerse-in-the-paradise-of-delicious-dishes-(part 2)6

Vac cake on Nhi Trung street

The dumplings can also make you have to fall for, thanks to the well-seasoned pork, sweet mushrooms, thinly sliced green onions and some special spices.

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