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Make a tour to Da Nang to explore the lantern road in Asia Park

Asian Park Da Nang has officially launched the beautiful light road. Being lit by thousands of beautiful lanterns, this is the longest lantern path in Vietnam so far.

Approximately 100 talented artisans of Hoi An spent many hard days and nights to complete thousands of big and small lanterns bringing different, unique shapes and colors, which create a beautiful light performance for this small ancient quarter.

Stepping through Asia Park’s grand entrance, visitors will surely be overwhelmed by the splendor of thousands of large lanterns. The lighting works include four main zones:


The central area on the road

The central area with the giant dome is linked by hundreds of traditional bamboo paper lanterns. Walking in the sparkling light fanciful at this area, you will feel like walking in the scene of a fairyland, you can also feel the memories of a time when you were still children, still waited for the Mid-autumn festival coming to bring the colorful lanterns around the neighborhood with your friends and sing a familiar song that is often sung in every Mid-autumn festival,…


Japanese area of the road

Japanese area with hundreds of lanterns designed according to Japanese culture, especially the carp lanterns, which symbolize the strength and bravery of Japanese men. The dome is derived from Chouchin – a traditional Japanese lantern with six faces are written “chōchin” on (an ancient Japanese type). Within the bustling architecture of Japan, the lanterns become brighter than ever before by connecting Japan’s cultural and spiritual space.


Indonesia area with unique lanterns

Indonesia area with hundreds of lanterns will show visitors a colorful Indonesia, the country with lanterns in many unique and special shapes, littered with traditional Indonesian blazes and oranges.


Singapore area with red color covering

And finally, with the Singapore, where at the first time arriving during the Lantern Festival of Asia, you will be overwhelmed by the red color here – the typical color of the Chinese lantern. It is impossible not to mention the dragon lanterns – the symbol of sacred power created by the most skillful hands of artisans. Colorful multi-colored lanterns will be a great backdrop for travelers wishing to keep their magical moments at the Asia Park Lantern Festival.

The lantern is a traditional cultural heritage is being re-imagined in people’s minds. With the longest expected lantern road in Vietnam, visitors will be enchanted by the unique art form and the sparkling fanciful. This is also an ideal destination for the leisure traveler to spend time with their family, children, and friends.


The Sunwheel in Da Nang

This is also a special occasion for Asia Park to officially launch 5 most attractive outdoor games in Da Nang. It’s Fireflies Forest: You will be lifted up by 3 powerful axes. The Kabuki Truck rotates in clockwise circular directions and is lifted to high by sturdy crane arms in the car kingdom. Ninja Flyer transforms the player into a spinning ninja, waving in the air like the real Japanese Ninja. The Garuda Valley has a 1-kilometer-long track, along with fast-moving, high-pitched bends that take players flying like Tarzan to explore the jungle-like summit. Roller coaster is designed by the circle round 360 degrees, the length of the rails will bring the feeling of excitement and excitement when acrobatics from a height of 33.6m and then poured down at a speed of 75km/h.

Immerse yourself in the light performance here, witness the endlessly glittering of lanterns, together share the leisurely moments of comfort with more than 10 free outdoor games or entertainment complexes.


The eventful atmosphere of Asia Park

Asia Park – A cultural and entertainment park in central Danang with world-class games:

Sunwheel round: the top five rounds in the world.

FEC amusement park: includes hundreds of games suitable for all ages.

Amusement Park: includes 10 entertainment areas for all ages with various levels of emotion:

  • Games suitable for children: Happy Choo Choo, Dino Island, Tree House PlayTruc
  • Games suitable for the whole family: Festival Carousel, Garuda Valley, Kabuki Truck
  • Games for people who love adventure: Ninja Flyer, Roller Coaster, Fireflies Forest, Lovelock

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