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Make a tour to Con Dao to get unforgettable experience on Dam Trau beach

Unlike many other tourist attractions in Vietnam, Con Dao attracts tourists by its very own beauty, with its beautiful beaches, its white fine sands, its tree lines stretching kilometers, its peaceful fishing villages, and it’s pristine nature that is still not carved by the tourist development. Therefore, if you are someone who is searching relaxing atmosphere, who want to escape from the bustle of life, or even who love the new experience, the discovery,… Con Dao in Vietnam will fill up your traveling soul no matter what your purpose is.

Dam Trau beach is always called by many tourists who once coming here the “sleeping beautiful fairy”, it’s located on Con Dao island which always attracts tourists come to visit by the peaceful atmosphere, the beautiful and untouched nature that not many tourist destinations can have.


The pristine beauty of Dam Trau beach

Dam Trau is one of the most beautiful beaches in Con Dao, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, 12km from the town center and 12km from Co Ong airport. This is an ideal destination for picnics, swimming, watching coral reefs and adventure journeys like exploring remote islands,…

From far away, Dam Trau beach looks like an oasis in the deep blue ocean. Right at the time you approach on this beach, you’ll feel it like a place to relieve all the worries of life, a place for you to totally sink in the peace of nature.

Not only the poetic scene, the primeval forest, the beautiful beach, Dam Trau also attracts tourists with colorful coral reefs. Making a visit to the ocean here, admiring the beauty of the coral and watching the fish swimming by your side, and you will have new strange feelings that you haven’t ever experienced in any other land.


Going fishing is an enjoyable experience for tourists when coming to Dam Trau

From the beach, looking away a bit, there are the neighboring islands, with seagulls flying, fishermen sneaking up on fishing boats or cruise ships to the island,… Such an interesting scenery for those who love to take photographs, right!

If you have the opportunity to spend a night here, please wait for the beautiful dawn to contemplate this gorgeous scenery drawn by Nature in this place. You may ask fishermen to experience fishing. Maybe when the boat back you will have some fishes or other kinds of seafood. And then making a BBQ party with your friends or with the friendly fishermen right on the beach.

On Dam Trau beach, there are also unique cliffs. On a rocky outcrop of the sea, you can admire two large rocks nestled together like a pair of seagulls wrapped tangerine.


Hon Cau in Con Dao

The rock that has the unique shape is called Hon Cau, which is associated with a local ancient legend. It is sad, full of the love story of a man and a woman loving each other but can’t be together because both are brother and sister who have the same father, but different mothers.

In the evening, you can rent camping tents to stay overnight on the beach. During the night, the sound of the waves in the sea breeze waves of coconut trees will create for you pleasant sounds that make you fall asleep without knowing.

Then, why don’t you try coming to Con Dao to enjoy the pristine, untouched beauty of Dam Trau beach in your upcoming Vietnam holiday tour?

I believe it will be one of the most memorable trips in your traveling life!

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