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List of top things you must do in a day to really enjoy a fancy Hoi An

Hoi An has not only lanterns, old yellow walls but also dozens of typical dishes, beautiful cafes, and interesting places to explore.

So here is a list of top things you must do in a day to really enjoy a fancy Hoi An.

5h30: Welcome the dawn in Old Quarter

As a hot tourist destination for all 4 seasons with both Vietnamese and international guests, almost every moment in a day with Hoi An is always crowded with visitors. So if you want to see a quiet, romantic Hoi An. Or simply want a street to live alone in the streets, the most appropriate time is early in the morning.


Dawn in Hoi An

Getting​ up early, walking or biking to the Old Quarter, watching the sunbeams glazed through the roof of brown tile, shining down the golden walls, the paper flowers bush, you will feel the romance and slowness of Hoi An.

6h30: Have breakfast with the legendary bread of Hoi An

Bread is always in the list top foods when traveling to Hoi An. A Hoi An’s bread is a long flat and pointed at both ends, when dozens of stuffings, vegetables, sauce, mushrooms,… fill every single space of the bread, it gets bigger with beautiful colors made by ingredients, and that’s how this food can attract any eyes at the first time. And not only that, the price of bread is also very affordable​, only 15, 20 thousand dong for one full bread, and it is enough to satisfy the whole session.


Hoi An’s bread

Hoi An has many bread shops, but the most famous is Phuong’s bread and Madame Khanh’s bread. With dozens of ingredients such as jambon, pate, sausage, cheese, bacon, eggs … bread in these stores extremely diverse. However, according to many people’s comments, Madame Khanh’s bread is more Vietnamese, while Phuong’s bread is closer to the European style.

7h30: Morning Cafe in Hoi An Roastery

The morning of a vacation can’t be completed​ without a cup of good coffee. Then after breakfast, how about dropping by Hoi An Roastery? The coffee shop is located on Tran Phu street, simple space but scored with tourists immediately because it always has great smell of coffee.


Hoi An Roastery

The coffee here is ground roasted coffee beans in place, that’s why it always has a very specific flavor. The drinks here are also varied for coffee enthusiasts to choose from such as espresso for purebee coffee or cappuccino or latte for those who want to wake up the day with just a bit​ caffeine. Of course, there are also other types of cocoa, and juice as well, or you can’t drink coffee, don’t worry, ok! The price of drinks here is about 50,000VND.

8h30: Go to Cu Lao Cham

If you want some “vitamin sea” or the feeling of being immersed in the blue waters of the beautiful white sands of Hawaii, do not forget to book a tour to Cu Lao Cham. This tour will last​ from 8:00 to 8:30 in Hoi An (depending on the booking agreement) and take you to Cu Lao Cham.

This tour will let you experience the island’s typical tourist attractions as well as diving, snorkeling and coral viewing. Lunch will be included in the tour. Cu Lao Cham tours often make their return to Hoi An about 3 hours so it is ideal for those who have less time.


Beautiful Cu Lao Cham

After an enjoyable day visiting and diving in Cu Lao Cham, back to Hoi An is the time you recharge with a series of attractive gifts. Just step on the Tran Phu axis you will have many kinds of foods to choose, which is the barbecue rolls, the sweet tea, fresh fruit, cream tube …

Every snack in Hoi An ranges from 5,000 VND to 20,000VND. In general, a street food journey here will cost only 50,000 VND.

16h30: Find a cafeteria to watch sunset

Traveling to Hoi An, try a new experience like seeing Hoi An from above. A few years ago, it was hard to get this experience, but recently Hoi An has some of the second floor restaurants and terraces, where you can watch the old town from above are The Chef and FAIFO Coffee.


Contemplating sunset in a coffee shop

Sitting at these spots and waiting for the sunset, you will find an ancient Hoi An even more beautiful when the sun sets on the old, timeless tile that appears in front of your eyes.

18h30: Have dinner with Hoi An specialties

At night, be gentle with specialties such as Cao Lau and chicken rice. Hoi An’s Cao Lau is made of aromatic rice into ash water, then carefully filtered, grind into powder, water used to grind the rice must be taken from Ba Le well. Cao Lau does not need broth, and instead of that, it has Char Siu, a little water, scrap. To make Char Siu you choose lean pork boiled meat, marinated spices and five flavors.


A Hoi An’s specialty

Also Hoi An chicken rice with chicken processing is boiled, torn, squeezed with onion, spices, Hoi An chicken rice is the most typical dish of cuisine of the Central. Although reduced with strong spicy, chicken meat in this dish is still chewy and tasty, it doesn’t even lose the smell of chicken, but spicy and flavorful, and that makes a fantastic journey for anyone’s mouth when eating Hoi An Chicken rice. Unlike other rice dishes, Hoi An chicken rice does not bring the feeling of fullness but always creates​ a feeling of craving.

19h30: Walk around the city at the night and sit in a live-music coffee

The night at Hoi An is busy and beautiful with hundreds of sparkling lanterns. You can participate in​ folk games such as blindfolded fluttering, drop flower lights posted. Then visit some music cafes such as LE Fêcétéria or Guitar Hawaii.


Listening to live music in a romantic coffee shop is very fancy

Hoi An’s night with slight winds, when you can be immersed in the singing voices of Quang will definitely be your​ unforgettable night.



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