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List of amazingly​ magnificent spots that a photographer shouldn’t miss when coming to Phu Yen (part 3)

Now we’ll​ get to know the last names of this list, some are familiar, some are strange, but they all will impress you with their fancy landscapes, unique and beautiful scenery,…

8. O Loan Lagoon

Located at the foot of Quan Cau Pass, on National Highway 1A, O Loan lagoon is like a flying phoenix. This is a beautiful place for visitors to watch the sunrise at dawn. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the lagoon by climbing to the top of Quan Can pass with a large lake-view, gently sloping hills with green cane fields.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 3)1

O Loan lagoon, a famous destination of Phu Yen

Excursions to O Loan lagoon, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the special oyster of this place, a dish that is famous throughout the country.

9. Dai Lanh Lighthouse

The tourist attraction Mon Beach – Dai Lanh Cape belongs to Dong Be hamlet, Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, about 35 km southeast of Tuy Hoa city. Dai Lanh make​ tourists fall in love with blue pure water and long white sands of Mon beach.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 3)2

Dai Lanh Lighthouse, an unmissable stop when coming to Phu Yen

However, the most interesting thing when coming here is going​ along the dirt roads, to the lighthouse, then from the lighthouse, watching​ the vast blue sea, the offshore boats, unique​ rock formations, or being one of the people who first contemplate the dawn at the Lighthouse in the East pole of Vietnam.

10. Phun Abyss

The destination​ lies in Da Den mountain range, among the vast forests and rolling hills, creating a very romantic landscape. Especially from the basin upward, there​ are many vertical cliffs. Surrounding the area is the primeval forest, under the area has many large rocks that make the water bounce up very strong. Coming here, visitors will enjoy an area full of beautiful sceneries.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 3)3

Phun Abyss, a unique attraction of Phu Yen

11. Ganh Ba, Xep Beach

Despite only 16km from Tuy Hoa city, Ganh Ba with Xep Beach is almost completely separated. A majestic setting to be enchanted, especially those who come here for the first time will be overwhelmed by the harmonious combination of mountains and vast blue sea.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 3)4

Ganh Ba – Xep Beach, a beautiful location of this land

Besides, coming to Ganh Ba on windy days, you can witness the dance of the sea with thousands of white waves stretching across the endless coastline, creating an unforgettable impression.

12. Wave-stopping embankment of Ro Hamlet

This place has a very special attraction, that’s masses of moss. Especially when the tide comes down, we will be able to admire a picturesque scenery of green, shimmering masses of moss in the sunlight, a picture that is not easy to find in anywhere else.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 3)5

Wave-stopping embankment of Ro Hamlet

The way​ to wave stopping embankment of Ro Hamlet is very easy to go. From the city center, tourists go to the south, cross King Hung Vuong bridge, go to the intersection, then turn left, go a little bit to the beach and there you arrive in the wave-stopping embankment of Ro Hamlet.

13. Ganh Den

Besides Ganh Da Dia, Phu Yen also has another unique location for who love admiring the wonders of Nature, that’s Ganh Den.

Located more than 30 km north of Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen, this lighthouse is an indispensable destination for travelers when traveling to Phu Yen.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 3)6

Ganh Den is also a perfect place for travelers who choose Phu Yen for their experience

Ganh Den Lighthouse is not as big and famous as Ke Ga Lighthouse, but with a prime location, the red and white colors of the lighthouse stand out on the vast blue of the sea.

And that’s the end of the list of some wonderful destinations that you must come once arriving in Phu Yen.

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