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List of amazingly​ magnificent spots that a photographer shouldn’t miss when coming to Phu Yen (part 2)

And here we are, continue with our list that we paused with the previous names in Part 1!

4. Nua Islet

Nua Islet is located at the foot of Ca Pass, in the border area between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, with 105m high peaks above sea level. When coming to Nua islet, if you go in a large group, you should stay there at least one night to make camp-fire, enjoy the amazingly joyful atmosphere of friendship, tell each other interesting stories and memories, eat seafood barbecue and enjoy some peace in the sea air.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 2)1

Nua Islet, a potential tourist destination of Phu Yen

On the island there is a beautiful beach, blue water with​ beautiful white sand, which is also where you camp. Follow the light-house guards, and you will be guided to Hon Nua lighthouse and enjoy the view of endless blue sea around the island.

The boundary markers of Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa is also an interesting point for people to visit and take pictures. Located on the north face of Nua Islet​ is the high cliffs standing up from the sea surface and then stacked up each other. The higher you climb you will discover many beautiful views of the sea.

5. Yen Islet

From Nhon Hoi village, you will see two small islands lying next to each other, about 100 meters from the center. The big island is like a giant cone with huge mountain walls called Yen Islet.

Yen islet is located in An Hoa commune, Tuy An district. At the foot of the rock is the wave patting deeply​ into the foot of the mountain year by year and forming a trace of time for this place.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 2)2

Yen Islet and its very own attractiveness

Surrounding Yen Islet is a marine landscape. In particular, in the early days of a month, when the tide is down, a road through the sea will be revealed to connect the shore with Sun Islet, straight to Yen Islet. You will have the opportunity to walk among the sea, and watch the colorful coral reefs here.

6. Mang Lang Church

Originally built in 1892, Mang Lang Church is located in An Thach Commune, Tuy An District. It is considered the oldest church in Phu Yen and one of the oldest churches in Vietnam.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 2)3

The historical Mang Lang Church

This place is a popular tourist attraction of Phu Yen tourism, because in the past Ma Lang Church used to be the stopping place of Bishop Alexandre de Rhodes and this is where the first Vietnamese script book is kept.

7. Dong Cam Dam

Dong Cam Dam is located in the west of Phu Hoa district, 688m long. There are two main canals, namely the North and South canals, irrigated for Tuy Hoa rice fields of 220 km². Dong Cam has a very valuable aesthetic and technical value. The dam has significant economic, historical values, plus beautiful landscapes, unique architecture.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 2)4

Dong Cam Dam and the unique landscapes

Well, Dong Cam Dam is just the last name in this part, not the last name on this list. So we will continue our journey on the land Phu Yen in Part 3 of the list, ok!


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