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List of amazingly​ magnificent spots that a photographer shouldn’t miss when coming to Phu Yen (part 1)

Phu Yen may be still an unknown name to most of tourists, especially the foreign visitors who have never been to Vietnam. But this place with its fascinating destinations has now attracted more and more visits from both Vietnamese travelers and foreign travelers.

And the list of destinations below is the tourist spots that you shouldn’t miss when coming to Phu Yen.

1. Mai Nha Islet

Mai Nha Islet is like “Robinson island” in An Hai commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. Although located not far from the mainland, but this is certainly an interesting destination for travelers to explore the unspoiled, wild beauty of Phu Yen. The ideal time for a trip to Mai Nha Islet is from March to August every year, because this is the most pleasant time of the year here.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 1)1

Mai Nha Islet and its beautiful sceneries

Coming to Mai Nha Islet, tourists will be overwhelmed by the wild, interesting beauty here, with mountains covered by a lush dark green of trees, blue pure water, long white sands,…and especially this isn’t a crowded place like other tourist attractions of Vietnam.

However, that’s also the reason why there are no tourist services on the island, no electricity, no rest houses, and very rare freshwater, so you should carefully prepare food, drinks, tents, belongings when you come here.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 1)2

Tourists come to this place to find the peace after stressful daily life

The front of the island is sandy white, smooth, covered with coral and moss, with blue water, suitable for bathing and camping or having a picnic. The back beach consists of large rock field, deep cave close to the abyss of nearly tens of meters, suitable for tourists who love fishing. Around the island there are many live coral reefs, promising to impress those who like diving.

2. Van Hoa plateau

Considered as Da Lat of Phu Yen, Van Hoa plateau belongs to Son Hoa district. Located at a height of 400m, the plateau is sunny, windy and misty. The interesting thing is that in the autumn, the temperature here is always lower than Tuy Hoa, you will see mist in the morning, feeling like in Da Lat.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 1)3

Van Hoa plateau

In addition, this place is also famous for specialties made from pineapple and jackfruit and traditional sauces made from these two types of fruit.

3. Nhat Tu Son

Nhat Son is considered as the most beautiful island in Xuan Dai Bay, belonging to Song Cau town, Phu Yen province. The shape of the island is like the word “one” in Chinese characters, like the hands of talented nature has used a pen and drawn a line on the blue sea, and perhaps the name of the island​ also comes from that.

List-of-amazingly-magnificent-spots-that-a-photographer-shouldn’t-miss-when-coming-to-Phu-Yen-(part 1)4

Nhat Tu Son’s wonderful landscapes

With an area of about 6 ha, Nhat Tu Son is located about 300m from the mainland, connected to the shore by a sand road, which at low tide you can wade or walk to the island by that road. Nhat Tu Son is also like a shield to prevent wind and waves for the local residents, therefore everyone here always considers it as a God guarding the East Sea.

You will be impressed by the natural untouched scenery on the island. With the green of forest covering all over the island, the white sands outlining and adding more beauty to the island,…  perfect place for someone who love discovering new things and admiring the Nature’s beauty.

That’s the end for the first part of this list, to find more interesting destinations of Phu Yen, let’s follow me to Part 2!


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