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List of 6 most attractive food-streets in Southeast Asia (part 2)

Well, are you ready to continue our invasion in the most attractive food streets around Southeast Asia?

If yes, then let’s finish this list with the 3 final names, which can also make your mouth watering just like the last names that I told you in Part 1!

4. Luang Prabang Night Market, Luang Prabang, Laos

The cultural capital of Laos also owns the distinctive cuisine of the night market. The night market along the small streets of Sisavangvong Road, where you can find local specialties at affordable prices. Sandwiches, fruit juices are also sold here.

List-of-6-most-attractive-food-streets-in-Southeast-Asia-(part 2)1

Luang Prabang night market

The stalls in the night market are gathered on the sides of the paved red brick road. Most sellers here can speak English and so tourists won’t have to worry that they can’t be understood when visiting this place. The roast chicken is called ping kai is the most popular dish of this food street. You should also enjoy more exotic dishes such as aw lahm or kaipen, a kind of seaweed from the Mekong River, dried sesame seeds and then served with spicy chili sauce mixed with buffalo skin.

5. Charoenkrung, Bangkok, Thailand

The office staffs, after working hours, often pour in the banks of the Bangrak River, making the pavement shops in Charoenkrung busier. One of the most famous places in Charoenkrung is Jok Prince, located in a small alley leading to Prince cinema. The restaurant serves chicken porridge, pork porridge with attractive flavors​,…

List-of-6-most-attractive-food-streets-in-Southeast-Asia-(part 2)2

The pavement shops in Charoenkrung

Located on Charoenkrung Road, Prachak, a small restaurant opened in 1897, is considered to serve the best-selling roasted duck in Bangkok thanks to their amazingly tasty duck and their special spicy chili sauce. Guests should arrive early as the restaurant closes at 8pm. And if you want to eat delicious dessert, Sor Boonprakob at the corner of lane 44 selling mango is very popular.

6. Smith, Singapore

Lion Island has brought street food to a new level when two Michelin star restaurants are opened in 2016. A Hong Kong style rice and chicken pastry shop has now become a restaurant on Smith Street. This is also the address for a variety of street food, small shops that have a long tradition.

List-of-6-most-attractive-food-streets-in-Southeast-Asia-(part 2)3

Smith Street – a destination of Singapore’s streetfoods

Chinatown’s culinary quarter is surrounded by a glass dome that comes with cooling system to help you eat, shop and enjoy the sun. The restaurants here usually place plastic tables and chairs on areas where there are no means of transportation. Guests will experience all kinds of food, from roasted​ duck to specialty frog porridge, or snacks such as kway teow stir-fried noodles, popiah … This area is open for guests to 23h everyday.


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