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List of 6 most attractive food-streets in Southeast Asia (part 1)

Food is always an essential part of people’s life in everywhere, it tells the stories by its very own ways, through its layout, its taste, its ingredients.

So how about today, we will take​ a walk through the famous food streets in some Southeast Asian countries:

1. Vinh Khanh Road, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City has a lot of food streets, including Vinh Khanh street in District 4, which always attracts young people to meet up with their friends, sit and eat on plastic chairs. Here, we can always find favorite dishes and enjoy with beer.

List-of-6-most-attractive-food-streets-in-Southeast-Asia-(part 1)1

Foods on Vinh Khanh road in Ho Chi Minh City

Coming to the bustling Vinh Khanh Road, you can have chance to experience the eventful nightlife here, enjoying street dances, performances of underground artists, and making some new friends from everywhere in the world. Most of people come here to eat seafood with snails, crabs, oysters,… The most favorite place is the Oanh Restaurant with sea snails, grilled oysters,… which are usually served on large plates. In addition, diners also come here to enjoy the beef, pork baked with charcoal stove.

2. Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Visitors to Kuala Lumpur often think of Bukit Bintang as an ostentatious shopping area. However, this is also home to Jalan Alor, a fantastic food street, with upright table chairs. The featured dishes here are typical of Malaysian street food like satay, to popiah or dried jackfruit,…

List-of-6-most-attractive-food-streets-in-Southeast-Asia-(part 1)2

Special foods that you can easily find in Jakan Alor, Malaysia

Although this place is open all day, visitors should come here in the evening for enjoying the cheap food and enjoying the street performances. A wonderful address for visitors in Jalan Alor is seafood Sai Woo, or charcoal grilled chicken wings Wong Ah Wah.

3. Mahabandoola, Yangon, Myanmar

Surrounded by the old colonial architecture, but the center of Yangon today is crowded with cars and people. The street vendors appear all over the alley, though the real culinary street begins in Chinatown, most notably 19th Street.

List-of-6-most-attractive-food-streets-in-Southeast-Asia-(part 1)3

The busy Mahabandoola of Yangon, Myanmar

On Mahabandoola Street, you will find a lot of stalls that sell mohinga (fish noodles) in the morning. Lahpet salad stalls are sold a lot. Highlights in street 19 are the tables and chairs overflowing the streets at night. Crowds of tourists and locals made the night in Mahabandoola noisier. For just $2 you can buy a bottle of beer to enjoy with roasted meats or vegetables.

Those are the 3 first eventful, fantastic food streets in Southeast Asia. And there are 3 food paradises more that I will reveal for you in Part 2 this article. So follow me and continue our discovery till our mouth watering, OK!

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