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Languages And Currency In Singapore

Languages And Currency In Singapore

Singapore is a racial mix, so you can find almost any race speaking any language here.

Official Language

The official business language is English. Most contracts are written in English, so if you read /speak / write English, you are quite safe.
Languages And Currency In Singapore 1

Road signs and most directories are also in English.

If you speak Mandarin (Chinese), Malay, you should still be able to get around Singapore pretty easily.

You can also find people speaking some less common languages, like Japanese, French, German etc.

Most hotels have staff who can speak multiple languages, so you can be assured that someone will understand you.

What you need to know to prepare for your visit to Singapore

Languages And Currency In Singapore 1


The official currency in Singapore is Singapore Dollars. You can easily change into Singapore Dollars at money changers or banks in your country, or you can do the exchange at the Singapore Changi Airport, when you touch down.

Alternatively, you can go to the banks or money changers around the island, there are literally hundreds of them around, so it should be quite easy to find one.


Only change to the amount you need, so that you do not need to change it back to your own currency (and loose out on bank charges and exchange losses). As you can find money changers almost anywhere, you do not need to worry whether you can change to the local currency.

Currency Exchange Rates:

Rates as of 2001.09.10 01:20:56 UTC (GMT). Base currency is SGD.

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