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Langkawi – The pearl of Malaysian tourism

Speaking of picturesque islands which are as gorgeous as paradise in Malaysia, many visitors will certainly think of Langkawi – a place that is always in the top of the list of most romantic islands on Earth.

Langkawi is located in northern Malaysia, about an hour flying from the center of Kuala Lumpur. In addition to the attractive beaches and beautiful white sands, bustling shopping centers also help Langkawi attract a lot of tourists each year. Especially, all of the goods here are free of tax.


Langkawi has a very beautiful nature

Considered as a pearl island with nature going along with diversified biodiversity, Langkawi is a place where tourists can experience different kinds of natural scenery, from view of mountain to view of mangrove forests and view of underwater world, you will definitely go from this feeling to another one, you will be surprised and overwhelmed all the time of the trip. It is the diversity of biodiversity here that created a rustic, simple resort but still has its own distinctive charm.

Langkawi, known as a jewel of Malaysian tourism. This archipelago is in the state of Kedah, close to the Thai border. Small islands in the archipelago are well preserved, so the forest is always pristine with many kinds of rare animals living.


It’s called the paradise island of Malaysia

One of the most famous beaches in Langkawi is Cenang (over 10km in length). Here, visitors can take part in exciting water sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, boat racing,… If you do not like sports or activities, you can just lie down on the white sands and completely relax, or enjoy the magnificent beauty of the sunset on the beach.

Langkawi attracts visitors by possessing many clean beaches, clear blue sea, the vast blue sky and rustic lifestyle of locals. The weather here is quite pleasant, contributing to bring you an enjoyable trip. There are also many sports activities that await you like scuba diving and sailing, so you won’t be able to feel bored when coming to Langkawi.


The brown eagle statue that is the symbol of Langkawi

Langkawi is made up of two Malay words: Lang and Kawi. Lang means brown eagle, while Kawi is local manganese ore. The old fishermen must have seen the manganese eagle flying in the sky here, so, they named this place after this special piece like that. A manganese brown eagle statue was erected near Kuah Jetty to welcome visitors as well.

The Malaysian government claims Langkawi is a duty-free area. This is considered a shopping haven. The best time to come to Langkawi is from November until May, when the temperature is moderate and the air humidity is low.


A dish that you can easily find in Langkawi

Beside the natural scenery, Langkawi’s unique gift is the wild eagle. It is no coincidence that Langkawi means “island of eagles.” You can catch this bird flying freely in any part of the island.

Langkawi’s cuisine is rich and varied enough to satisfy visitors. In addition to traditional Islamic cuisine, there are also Thai, Chinese or Western dishes which are a bit more experience.

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