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Journey in 3 pristine destinations of Phu Yen

Phu Yen is one of the beautiful lands in the Coastal South-Central of Vietnam. A day’s journey to discover these pristine destinations of this province has given us a lot of experience and memory.

The first destination in the journey of our photography and tourism club is Ganh Da Dia – one of the most popular landmarks of Phu Yen. With the special geological structure that not many places in the world can have, with the special shape and structure of rocks, lying in a unique way on the seashore, Ganh Da Dia really made us feel like being lost in a certain land outside of the world.


Ganh Da Dia in Phu Yen

Right at the first time hearing the name of this site, we were impressed, Ganh Da Dia. This place, when looking from far away, will be like giant piles of rock plates, silently lie next to the beautiful sea. In the dawn, we have the chance to admire the far-away plaques of sky start to change their colors gradually. The sun rising from the East is like a warm arm which slowly holds us, the guests coming from another far-away place.

After watching the scenic dawn in Ganh Da Dia, we head to Ganh Den that is about 500m from Ganh Da Dia. The path to Ganh Den appears very rocky and winding turns, these things are like being added to the beauty of this place, making it one of the best destinations of Phu Yen that attract photographers the most. From Ganh Den, you can contemplate the whole Xuan Dai Bay region with a lot of islets and rocky shores,…


Ganh Den in Phu Yen

Leaving Ganh Den, we visit Mang Lang Church. this is considered one of the most ancient churches of Vietnam. More than a century, when looking at Mang Lang church, you can still see the traits of time-stained on per wall. With French style architecture, inside the church is decorated with colorful glass panels, which create the beautiful light for this church.

Especially, the Church is also known as the place where keeps the first script book written by Vietnamese.


Mang Lang church in Phu Yen

After visiting the Church, the group goes straight to Xep Beach – one of the most pristine beaches which are still untouched by the tourist development. Here, on Xep beach, visitors can ride electric motos to the hill and watch the whole panoramic view of Xep beach. This hill is a green hill stretching kilometers with cactus bushes growing everywhere, one side is cliffs, one side is the sea with beautiful scenery.

Right among the green vegetation, Xep beach is outstanding with the golden sands stretching kilometers, with blue sea water and black rocks on the shore. The scenery here seems to give us a very strange sense of peace that we can’t find anywhere else. Stand on Xep beach, from the perspective through the camera’s lens, we can see the beautiful setting of Quy Nhon bay, with many islets, islands, and if looking a bit closer, you’ll see the fishing boats like drifting between the heaven sea.


Xep beach of Phu Yen

Walk on foots on the fine sands here, we feel the heat of the sunshine, and then a very refreshing feeling when dropping ourselves into the cool sea water. With the fresh air, the peaceful atmosphere which is very typical in the coastal region, with the sounds of winds like a sonata of Nature, you’ll fall in love with when no one knows.

Together under the sunlight of Twilight, all the scenery here is like a magical performance of nature, the sea in this area spreads out into three colors: blue, light blue and dark blue. Luckily, we come here in the full-moon day, therefore, we had a chance to admire a beautiful treasure of the sea, the beautiful coral reefs.


Nhan tower in Phu Yen

The final destination of the whole journey is Nhan tower, located on Nhan mountain next to the Da River. Nhan tower has a lot of historical and cultural values, built by Cham people, around XII century. Under the night sky, light reflected on this tower makes tower shimmering like a treasure.

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