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It is unbelievable Hai Phong has so many delicious dishes!

Saying that Hai Phong is a “playground” is not too good, because here, you will enjoy a lot of delicious food just strange.

Hai Phong is famous as the city of red phoenix flowers. But speaking of Hai Phong, can not fail to mention the cuisine of this land.

It will not be too exaggerated to say that, to go to Hai Phong city is to go to the food world because here, you will “drown” in countless delicious delicacies and also some strange.

If not a Hai Phong people are so familiar with these attractive dishes, it is advisable for you to make a culinary trip here, as every experience will make you never forget. Hate where.

1. Crab noodle

Crab cake is almost the most famous specialty in Hai Phong, and is also one of the dishes that make up the “name” of Port culprit.


Crab noodle of Hai Phong

The brown rice fiber is characterized by long, so long though not eat a bit long is not crushed. Crab cake mixed with water and type, just differ in the addition of broth, the remaining is full of “topping” such as crab meat,…

2. Crab hotpot

Crab hotpot in Hai Phong, especially crab hotpot is also very famous. The special place in the processing, making the pot here with unmistakable taste.

Water is extremely saturated, many bricks and crab meat. In addition to the meat, you can also eat hot pot with fresh seafood as this is very available in Hai Phong.

In addition to delicious taste, crab hotpot in Hai Phong is also noticed by the price is much cheaper than other places.


Crab hotpot looks so fancy for a meal

It would be very flimsy to travel to Hai Phong without eating seafood. As the port area, located close to the sea so the seafood is also characteristic of this land.

Sea food sellers in Hai Phong are extremely busy, but young people are still communicating seafood in a small alley opposite Maritime University on Lach Tray Road.

Student price but quality can not be impeccable. The hostess was very enthusiastic and hospitable. If you follow a group of about 5 – 6 people, you will only need to spend more than a hundred thousand for a meal with full of dishes “oyster sauce” as the more ignorant, oysters, red shells, nails, the periwinkle…

4. Spicy bread

Hai Phong spicy bread is too famous already. To Hai Phong people have to eat spicy bread, then back to buy several dozen as gifts.


Spicy bread is a favorite food of locals and also of tourists

In Hai Phong, there are many shops selling spicy bread. The difference between places is not so much, mainly in the pate. After the cake is crispy, people will stuff the pate inside, some places also add the spoon, then dots with chili sauce. In particular, the chili sauce served with this spicy bread is not the usual chili but homemade chili. The chili sauce is a little bit thinner, the taste is also spicy, with a characteristic taste that is not everywhere.

5. Banh duc tau

Strange from the name to the image, but Tau castings is a familiar dish of your friends in Hai Phong.


Banh duc tau of Hai Phong

A bowl of castings The ship consists of chopped cakes, meat and shrimp fried thoroughly, papaya diced pomegranate, then chan with chili vinegar sauce. Depending on the taste of each person, you can choose not hot, spicy or spicy variety.

6. Fried crab spring rolls

Still a recipe for spring rolls of the North, but the crab spring rolls mainly seafood (such as shrimp, crab …), in addition to the price and vermicelli. Nem is rolled into a square block, sure and beautiful. The rolls are also thicker, usually with several layers so that the rolls can not be opened when frying.


Fried crab spring rolls is a famous specialty of Hai Phong

Because Hai Phong is so close to the sea, the seafood used to make spring rolls is usually fresh seafood. The nem when eaten still bold flavor of shrimp, crab, surface,… still very fresh.

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