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Introduction About Singapore

Introduction About Singapore

Singapore is an independant state (no, you will not be bored with historical and political stuffs, but I must clarify things!) and is located in Asia, at the southern tip of Malaysia.


Introduction About Singapore 1

Introduction About Singapore 1

Many people from all over the world who have not heard of Singapore (or do not know where Singapore is). Many also thought Singapore is in China or near China, ok, if you are referring to the flight distance between China and Singapore, as compared to USA and Singapore, yes, Singapore is near China. 🙂

No we are not near China, of course we are not! Singapore is in South East Asia, and part of the ASEAN group of countries, located near the equator (which explains our tropical climate, as many jokingly say, we have six seasons compared to four over in the West, we have Wet, Wetter, Wettest, Hot, Hotter, Hottest).

Unlike many countries in the world, Singapore is a multi-racial, multi-religion country. It is a cultural, racial, religion supermix ground! In short, locals here call it “Rojak” (a type of food where fruits and vegetables are mixed with prawn paste – salad for some, but we call it rojak here – oh yes, there is an Indian variety of the same name, but different content and taste).

Introduction About Singapore 1

In Singapore, you will find Chinese, Malay, Indians and other minority races. You would also see and find many religions in Singapore, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islamic Beliefs, Hindiusm etc. etc. It is one of the rare countries in the world where we have cultural, racial and religion tolerance and understanding (one thing I am darn proud about!).

It is also not difficult to find (there are about 1/2 million expatriates in Singapore, at the last count) people from other nationalities in Singapore, for example, Americans, Englishmen, Italians, German, French, Japanese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Thais, etc. etc. here in Singapore, you name the country, we will probably have the people here.

Many work for their companies (many which are multi-national corporations) and live in Singapore and some even settled down marrying locals!

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