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Indian Food In Singapore

Indian Food In Singapore

Mee Goreng – Fried noodles with chilli paste and with a sprinkling of mutton (small pieces) and egg. You will probably never understand how fried noodles can taste so good!

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It is usually served with cucumbers (with tomato paste on top) as well. This cucumber is good for those who cannot take too spicy food (it actually acts as a coolant for your tongue, according to a Indian friend).

A serving of Mee Goreng usually costs about S$2.00 – S$3.00.

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Loti Prata – A pancake shaped fried dough. It is served either with mutton curry or sugar.

Many will be amaze with the way the cook handles the dough (he will flip, flip and practically ‘fly’ the dough before folding it into a square shaped dough and fry it on his hot pans).

If you have never seen such cooking in action, take a seat near the stall you ordered from, and see the cook (or chef for some) in action!

The prata (as what local calls it) taste a bit saltish and taste GREAT when dipped into curry gravy provided. For those who cannot take spicy food, ask for sugar instead! If you are adventurous, try both ways of eating the prata and you will notice the difference in flavour (both taste extremely GREAT!).

The plain prata costs about S$0.50 to S$0.80 while the prata with egg costs about S$0.80 to S$1.50 depending on locations. You should get the accompanied curry gravy for free.Indian Food In Singapore 1


There are literally hundreds if not thousands of variety of local food here, I will try to feature as many as possible, and give you a rough indication of the prices as well.

Before I dived into food, a typical soft drink (cold) costs about S$0.80 – S$1.50 per can/pack/bottle. A typical glass of fruit juice (water melon, honey dew, sugar cane etc.) is about S$1.50 – S$3.00 per glass. A typical glass of hot drink (coffee, tea etc.) costs about S$0.60 – S$1.20 per glass. Prices varies depending on where you go.

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