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If you think that Hue is not a place for adventurers, think again!


Mentioning about Hue, you may immediately think about the ancient traits that are still remain colors of the time, the ancient walls, ancient bridges, ancient houses,… Sounds a bit boring to someone who loves discovering and exploring new things, right! But please hang on a second so that I can tell you about the paradises for adventurers that you can only find in Hue.

1. Hai Van pass

As being the string connects Da Nang and Hue, Hai Van pass is not only an irresistible challenge to national tourists but also to foreign ones. Standing on Hai Van pass and contemplating the scenery below, you will see how beautiful Tien Sa port of Son Tra peninsula is, how poetic Lang Co Bay is and how stunning Da Nang city is.


Pristine scenery of Hai Van pass

Getting through Hai Van pass, you will meet the picturesque landscape of Lap An lagoon, one of the most popular lagoons in Hue. A bit far from there, you can also see national park Bach Ma, a real treasure of Vietnam, where you can always hear the bird songs, admire the beautiful rare butterflies,… a place that you can lose your heart once approaching.

2. A Co pass

If you’re someone who passionate in the roads running along the mighty jungles, then A Luoi is definitely your paradise in Hue. Located to the West of Thua Thien Hue province, with imposing waterfalls, dense jungles, wide fields of wild flowers,… A Luoi is definitely a place that you can’t ignore when arriving Hue.


Breath-taking landscapes of A Co pass

After driving along A Co pass, passing a special bridge named after a national hero, A Vau, going a bit more and you will hear the sounds of A Nor waterfall. The fall looks just like the silky hair of a beautiful girl hiding her face in the mysterious jungle.

3. Pe Ke pass

Besides A Co pass, Pe Ke pass is also a very interesting destination where you can contemplate the lovely white clouds flowing. This pass is a part of legendary Ho Chi Minh road, so it’s not only a place for you to discover, but also a destination full of historical memories. And whenever you feel tired, just stop by a certain little stream along the way and get back your energy to continue the journey.


Pe Ke pass and its challenging beauty

And that’s Hue, an ancient, romantic, picturesque, pristine,… city that makes anyone once comes here unable to forget anything, from poetic Perfume River, ancient imperial city, to breath-taking passes, imposing waterfalls,… So what are you waiting for but not coming to Hue in your next Vietnam tour to enjoy its attractiveness!

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