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Ideal shopping address when being in Tokyo

As a famous bustling shopping paradise in the world, it’s totally not surprising that you can find everything in Tokyo, from high fashion products and traditional handicrafts, souvenirs,…

1. Ginza

Ginza is the most luxurious shopping district in Tokyo, Ginza focuses hundreds of malls, fashion stores, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, cafes,… Thanks to its ideal location, in 1980, a square meter of Ginza area was sold for up to $100,000.



Ginza is always busy with tourists, especially on the weekends, the number of people pouring on this destination and shopping is extremely crowded. Some ideal addresses that you should not skip when coming to Ginza are Mitsukoshi, Dover Street market, Takumi, Hakuhinkan, Itōya,…

2. Asakusa

Asakusa is one of the very few places which still preserve ancient traditional traits in Tokyo. In Edo period (1603 – 1867), Asakusa has been considered as an eventful area in Tokyo which focus many artisans, traders,… and is also considered as a famous “Red light” quarter at that time.



Now, Asakusa attracts tourists because it focuses a lot of stores selling traditional items, souvenirs, and local foods. Some interesting addresses for you when shopping at Asakusa are Tokyo Hotarudo (sells antiques and vintage style products), Nakamise-Dori (jewelry), Kappabashi-dōri (food), …

3. Kagurazaca



Even located right in the heart of modern Tokyo, Kagurazaka still keeps its inherent characteristics. This is also the area that focuses Geisha least in Tokyo. Now, Kagurazaka is famous for Geta shops (a type of traditional Japanese wooden shoes) and traditional kimonos.

4. Roppongi

Roppongi is famous for being the place which focuses a lot of stores, galleries, dining stalls, shopping and entertainment zones in Tokyo. Here, you will find many kinds of fashion items that are famous around the world, from perfume to famous fashion brands for men and women.



Roppongi also owns a lot of large shopping centers, such as Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown and Toranomon Hills. Especially, Japan Sword – the place exhibits and sells the legendary weapons of Japanese Samurai.

5. Shibuya



Shibuya is known to be a place which is leading to the fashion trends and new cultural meeting point for young people in Japan. At Shibuya, there are countless shopping centers rising to meet the shopping needs of young people. Here, you can buy fashion items at Shibuya 109 or search the unique design samples in Fake Tokyo, or find and buy accessories at Tokyu Hands.

6. Shimo-kitazawa



Located in the Southwest Shibuya, that is a small area named Shimo-kitazawa, a favorite destination for young people with unique shops and space covered by live music. Here, tourists can walk to explore the vintage clothing stores such as Haight Ashbury or visit Shimokita Garage Department to find and buy for yourself some cute bags.

7. Harajuku & Aoyama


Harajuku & Aoyama

Harajuku & Aoyama is famous for fashion stores that sell designed costumes. This is the ideal place for tourists who love shopping or searching for unique, fancy and especially “nobody has” costumes. Between the two areas, the Aoyama sells the costume with the high level and more creative than in Harajuku.

8. Shinjuku



Shinjuku is a mall, busy, crowded with people area in Tokyo many discount electronics stores and large shopping malls. During the day, the area is also pretty quiet and peaceful, However, when the night comes, you will not realize Shinjuku with the noise and bustle, totally contrast to the daytime here. With the nightlight from the stores, the sounds of people talking, the smell of grilled foods,… All create a charming Shinjuku.

9. Akihabara



Akihabara is a famous electronic market in Japan which is famous for hundreds of electronic shops with much lower prices than the price in other places. The price for electronic things here is often cheaper 20-30% compared to other markets.

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