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Hue’s sour “nem”, a specialty of the ancient Hue

Combined with the pepper, garlic, the sweetness of the sugar, the brittle pig skin,… make a strong aftertaste of Hue’s sour nem.

Not only famous for beautiful scenery, landscapes and historical relics, Hue cuisine is quite diverse, rich and quintessential. Sour nem is not an unpopular dish of Vietnam but each place has a different way to make. That’s the reason why Hue’s sour nem is still a mysterious dish for visitors to discover.


Hue’s sour nem, a unique specialty of Hue

Ingredients to make Hue’s sour nem include lean meat, pork, garlic, chilli, sugar, spices,… and guava leaves, banana leaves. Nem delicious or not is due to the meat and how you season it. To pack the sour nem, the meat is strong, flexible, fresh; Seasoning just enough, leaves must be clean.

The meat must be lean meat, pounded or grinded and skillfully seasoned. After preparing raw materials, people use leaves as wrapping paper. Packed leaves must be cleaned first.


Making Hue’s sour nem is also an art

Hue people are very picky in the presentation of the dish, people have to hand all the nem squeeze the same beautifully. In turn, each nem squeeze is placed a few slices of garlic, chili on top, little pepper and then wrapped with young leaves and banana leaves.

After wrapping, nem for 3 days is ripe and can be eaten. Hue’s sour nem must be light pink, dry surface, when the sour taste of natural fermented meat, crunchiness of pig skin, aromatic garlic, pepper, chilly.

For Hue people, sour nem is one of the most popular dishes. Nem can be used as a target and often participate in weddings, death anniversary of local people.

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