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How to travel to the most beautiful island – Binh Hung?

Binh Hung is located in Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, lying under the foot of Binh Tien – Vinh Hy Beach. When you set foot on Binh Hung island, you will be attracted by the clear blue sea in the same white sand beaches.

1. Best time to travel to Binh Hung

The most beautiful time to travel to Binh Hung is in the summer because, in this time, the sea is very quiet. You can stand and admire the clear blue sea water of the beach here.


Binh Hung island in the Summer

But that does not mean that you can only go to Binh Hung in summer, but on the contrary, this place is beautiful all year round, so all you need to do before a trip to Binh Hung is just checking the weather to avoid the rainy days, and there you can completely enjoy the sandy blue sea in Binh Hung.

2. Best ways to travel to Binh Hung

If you depart from Hanoi, you should take a flight from Hanoi to Cam Ranh, then take a boat to Binh Hung island. If you are from Saigon – Cam Ranh, you can take Phuong Trang bus to Cam Ranh.


The beautiful scenery on DT 702

It is best to rent a motorbike even if you depart from Nha Trang, Cam Ranh or Phan Rang because the road to the island is DT 702, one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam. Therefore, if riding a bike to the destination, you’ll be able to enjoy the adventure with one side of the sea, one side of the mountain before reaching Binh Hung island.

Running along the beautiful overwhelmed beaches like Binh Tien beach, Nuoc Ngot beach, Chuoi beach to Kinh beach is also the pier to Binh Hung. From here, you can take a boat to the island which takes only about 10 minutes, and costs VND10,000 per person. If you want to ride motorcycles on the island, then add VND10,000 more, extremely cheap, right!

3. Cheap places to stay overnight

If you’re an experienced traveler, the tent is most appropriate. However, if the group has female members or family members, this option is not the most convenient. I recommend you stay in motels or houses of locals. There are a number of fishermen’s motels for rent at around VND70,000 per person per night.


A homestay experience in Binh Hung

In addition, you can easily find rooms with fan, air conditioning, good facilities,… If you want to try staying in a homestay, you will be amazed by the thoughtfulness and devotion of the people of this coastal area.

4. Beautiful destinations in Binh Hung

Hon Chut Lighthouse: the lighthouse was built in Cam Ranh bay over 100 years ago. Standing on the lighthouse, you can observe the hustle and bustle of the cargo ships on Cam Ranh port on the Westside and zoom in on the immense sea in the East.


Hon Chut lighthouse

Da Trung beach: The first impression will hit your eyes when coming to this beach is the huge stones, round and big like dinosaur eggs. This is a beach to visit, not bathing because the whole beach is rocky so it’s not safe. To approach the beach, you just need to walk on the way to Hon Chut Lighthouse, near the top, there is a road on the right to go down. The road to this beach is not so easy but not too difficult as well. If you have a little health and eager enough, it only takes 10 minutes to get to the beach.


Da Trung beach

Me beach: Located right on Binh Hung island, but to move to this beach you’ll need to hire a boat because there is no road down to the beach. This beach is quite small and is mainly coral body so it’s very clean. The water here is blue as swimming pool water. There is a large rock in the middle of the beach, suitable for standing here and taking pictures. In addition to Me beach, there are also other beautiful beaches, such as Ong Giang beach, Robinson beach,…


Me beach

There are also some traditional places that you should not miss, such as Nam Hai tomb, Binh Hung temple, Binh Hung temple,…

5. Delicious specialties of Binh Hung

Lobster in Binh Hung is often processed in simple ways such as steaming, grilling or cooking with porridge,… but also enough to satisfy the taste of lobster which is sweet and fragrant. For those who want to try all the specialty of Binh Hung, lobster blood mixed with wine will create a very special and attractive flavor.


Lobster – a specialty of Binh Hung

Sea urchin is also very easy to find and enjoy when being in Binh Hung, you can eat it when it’s uncooked, baked with butter or grease onion. Especially, the sea urchin porridge and sea urchin steamed with egg is the perfect combination of colors and flavors to create a nutritious food for you.

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