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How many kinds of Banh Mi are there in Danang (part 1)

If you’re a fan of street foods, and especially bread, then taking tours to Vietnam and trying the amazing taste of all kinds of breads here are something you can’t miss in all your life. Especially with the great variety of bread of Danang which is not only amazingly delicious, but can surprise any sense of you thanks to their attractive looks​and awesome smells.

How-many-kinds-of-Banh-My-are-there-in-Danang-(part 1)1

A Banh Mi stand in Danang with lots of ingredients that can stir any tourist’s curiosity

The Guardian declared banh mi the world’s best street food. Thanks to the wonderful​ creative senses of Danang-ians, theyinvented​ numerous versions of bread, and some cannot-be-cheaper stuff to beautify this life. If you’re a lifetime lover of banh mi, and you live in Danang or about to visit Danang, well good news: you can get yourself some of the cheapest, most delicious and most creative versions of banh mi in the world.

1. Bánh mì thịt chả (normal banh mi with pork and pork bologna)

Let’s start with the very basic banh mi first. As I have introduced in this post, normal banh mi is filled with pork or char siu, chả, pâté, spring onion, cucumber, cilantro, chilli, Vietnamese mint and possibly some other herbs. This can be found anywhere in Vietnam.

How-many-kinds-of-Banh-My-are-there-in-Danang-(part 1)2

Banh Mi with pork and pork bologna

If you’re more confident getting around Danang and determined to find the tastiest banh mi in town, I’d recommend my personal favorite: the no-name stand at the red star location marked on the map below. It should be a few meters from 491 Hai Phong, at the beginning of an alley. Among heaps of banh mi shops I’ve tried in Danang, the amazing banh mi of this stand clearly stood out for me, and will be mentioned again somewhere in this banh mi series.

2. Bánh mì thịt nguội (banh mi with jambon)

Another typical type of banh mi is bánh mì thịt nguội. The main ingredients are jambon, cha and pate. There are no other herbs but long strips of chilli, cucumber and spring onion.

How-many-kinds-of-Banh-My-are-there-in-Danang-(part 1)3

Banh Mi with jambon

One of the most, if not the most, popular shop selling banh mi thit nguoi in Danang is Ba Lan (62 Trung Nu Vuong). It’s so good and famous that there’re already numerous ‘fake’ banh mi Ba Lans everywhere to derive the brand name. I’m pretty sure that the real shop is at 62 Trung Nu Vuong. Very generous amount of fillings as can be seen from the photo above.

3. Bánh mì thịt nướng (banh mi with grilled pork)

Still in the mainstream is bánh mì thịt nướng. Fillings generally include grilled pork, Vietnamese mint, papaya pickle, a bit of butter, pate and chilli sauce.

How-many-kinds-of-Banh-My-are-there-in-Danang-(part 1)4

Banh Mi with grilled pork

For this one you should go to the small stand named “Huong” at the intersection of Le Loi and Le Thanh Ton. This stand is quite popular among the younger generations because some of the biggest high schools of Danang are located around that area.

4. Bánh mì que (banh mi with pate)

Being one of the cheapest types of banh mi (6000VND), banh mi que (literally banh mi stick) looks like a … stick, filled with only pate, mayonnaise, fried shallots and chilli sauce. But my god is it good. How can something that cheap and simple be so delicious… still remains an unsolved mystery of mankind. For some reason banh mi que and banh mi ga are always sold at the same stand.

How-many-kinds-of-Banh-My-are-there-in-Danang-(part 1)5

Banh Mi with pate

These 4 kinds of breads are just the first part of the fancy list of delicious Danang’s breads​ that I was lucky to taste and still remember until now. To find more about this tasty subject, let’s follow me to the NEXT part of this.

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