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History in brief of Vietnam

History in brief of Vietnam

There was a Vietnamese country named Van Lang that was invaded by Chinese in the second century BC. There had been many struggles against Chinese, until the 10th century, there was an official independent country of Vietnamese with territory and monarchal system set away from Chinese. Since then there had been many Vietnamese dynasties successive ruled the Vietnamese people. The last one was Nguyen dynasty ended in 1945. In 1858 French attacked middle of Vietnam, and three years later Gia Dinh in the south of Vietnam was fell to French hands that shortly be called Saigon.

And more than 20 years later in 1883 Ha Noi was the last place fell to the French Indochina rulers. Ha Noi arm force general Hoang Dieu killed him self when Ha Noi failed. Vietnamese many times had tried to organized arm forces fought against French or struggled for an independence of Vietnam but all were cracked down bloody by French. Japanese came to Vietnam in  1941 but still let the cooperated French rulers to rule the local people in Indochina. In 1945 Japanese surrendered allied forces, and in 1945 there were about 2 million Vietnamese died because of starvation as Japanese sized farmer rice and burn down rice fields to encourage people to grow industrial crops. In 1945 Uncle Ho government was officially form, and the fighting between Vietnamese and French broke out again.

French lost their war in Dien Bien Phu in north – west of Vietnam, and Geneva agreement was signed for an independence of Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). The Geneva agreement said Vietnam would temporary divide to two parts and within two years later they would come to general election to vote for a government of one Vietnam country. The general election never came as American came to South Vietnam. For the unification and independence of Vietnam, only the last choice of arm struggle was made, and it was the will and determination of general Vietnamese. US interfered to Vietnam and Indochina politic in 1950s. It marked by the two US pilots died with their fighter plane that got fire in Dien Bien Phu firing days in 1954. US army officially came to inland of Vietnam – red beach in Da Nang in 1965 after the Tonkin gulf event in 1964. US  army withdrew in 1973. The country was unified in 1975.

There have been many websites and books that written and published by Americans who talk about the the war and every one has their own ideas and comments. There were 58 thousand US soldiers died in Vietnam, some said they were hero. And what about Vietnamese?  Is three million Vietnamese people died for nothing during the course of Vietnam independent and unification in the US war in Vietnam??? Are they heroic???

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