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Halong Bay – The paradise right in Vietnam

It’s definitely not overstating if saying that Halong Bay is a symbol of Vietnam’s tourism. This destination is a perfect combination, a miracle harmony of limestone mountains and peaceful pure water, and a lot of other picturesque scenery.

Lying adjacent to the Tonkin Gulf, and currently attracting nearly two million visitors each year. Despite being one of Vietnam’s busiest tourist centers, its enormous scale, unique geo-morphology and indisputable splendor makes a visit really essential.


Breath-taking beauty of Halong Bay

Although the name Halong Bay is often used to describe the entire area, it refers only to a section of a vast archipelago of thousands of limestone pinnacles stretching nearly a hundred kilometers from Hai Phong to the east.

The reason for the name “Halong” comes from a story that has been told for many generations, that’s there was a dragon descended in this bay, but most of people,  especially scientists don’t believe so,  they think  that it’s called Halong Bay just because of its unique geographic formation, which looks like a dragon when we look down from the sky. But no matter how it was formed, it’s still an attractive destination, a muse for any natural lovers, a fairy land of the world,…


The mysterious caves here

Besides enjoying the cool pure water, contemplating the pristine limestone mountains, tourists can also try discovering many caves and grottos concealed by subsequent rock falls and dense vegetation. And thanks to that, it will make you feel like being lost in a real  adventure, like being an actors in a Hollywood movie.

Some caves were already known, and others have been discovered recently. The 3 large caves in the heart of the area protected as World Heritage have been made accessible to visitors. Many smaller caves can be visited, but often require a scramble across rocks and through unlit passages.


Cat Ba island and its magnificent appearance

There’s another unmissable spot in the southwest corner of Halong Bay, that is Cat Ba, a large “karst” limestone island full of small mountains covered in verdant forest. Part of the island is a National Park, with flora and fauna including one of the most endangered species of monkey in the world. Cat Ba is truly a beautiful, pleasant and sandy beaches.

To the east is Bai Tu Long Bay. Although not quite matching the range of geological attributes of its illustrious neighbor, it is equally attractive and benefits from being less visited. Bai Tu Long, and particularly Quan Lan island, has by far the best beaches in northern Vietnam.

Besides the scenery here, do you know what else are waiting for you to discover in this fairy land?

That’s the fancy cuisine here, another pride of Halong Bay’s tourism.

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